• Hello Most Excellent Students!,




           The current P.E. activities will include lessons on Team Handball, Soccer, and Softball.  These three activities offer our Thunderbolt students a variety of team sports and opportunities to implement strategic goals to plan for offenses and maintain defenses in different games and situations.   

    We will participate in Soccer from 10-4 through 10-22. We will participate in Team Handball from 10-25 till 11-12 and Kickball/Softball will happen from 11-15 through 12-10.

      Team handball is a fast-paced team sport combining aspects of basketball and water polo.

    Soccer is a non-contact activity that is an all- time favorite with our students at DSMS.  The game encourages team work, and develops speed and agility as the students practice their Top Twenty “Soccer Have a lot of FUN” skills.

    During our softball unit the students are instructed in the basic rules of the game, positioning and strategy. We offer a variety of striking instruments and ball types in order to create opportunities for success. Safety rules are discussed and adhered to in order to create a “play safe have a lot of fun” environment.

     As always, Desert Sky’s physical education experience continually emphasizes displaying Top 20 personal qualities throughout and our activities have been modified so that ALL students can participate, be successful and Have a Lot of Fun!