• Hello Most Excellent Students!,


    At the beginning of class each day students become involved in their wrm-ups followed by a Cardio Workout. We will vary the warm-up and Cardio routines to keep the students from becoming bored and to educate them on the many different varieties of warm-ups and cardio that are out there.  The Pacer Test for February and The Push-Up/Sit-Up Pre Test will be given during this unit.

    During our softball unit the students are instructed in the basic rules of the game, positioning and strategy. We offer a variety of striking instruments and ball types in order to create opportunities for success. Safety rules are discussed and adhered to in order to create a “play safe have a lot of fun” environment.

    We continue to encourage a “Play safe, have a lot of fun” environment. That environment is supported by the students’ Top Twenty Behaviors such as the ability to use their trampolines to “bounce back” after something doesn’t go their way.