• Currently all our students are in Health class.


    During Health your student will need a notebook and pen/pencil daily.  Lesson plans during this time will include:  Target Heart Rate, 5 Components of Fitness, Nutrition, Food Journaling, F.I.T.T. principal, Drugs/Alcohol, E-cigs/vaping, and Self Control/Self Esteem along with Good Decision Making Skills.  Classwork will consist of vocabulary, personal journaling, heart rate check/graphing, our major muscle groups worksheet, and class discussions.

    Fridays are an activity day in the gym.  Students will apply concepts learned in Health while participating in a physical activity.  During this time, students will begin tracking their performance in the Pacer Test. This is a cardiovascular endurance test which is part of the Fitnessgram.  Students will complete Pre-tests for Muscular Endurance/Muscular Strength/Flexibility during the Health segment.

    PE activities will resume at the end of September.  At this time, students will be required to dress out daily.