• Hello Most Excellent Students!,

    (I don't know about you but there are times that I feel like that I have been sent to #501! : ) )

    I just want you to know that we are Thunderbolts! We are Strong, We are Resilient, and there is NOTHING we can't accomplish if we set our minds to it! With that being said, you need to ask for help when needed, offer to help others when you see they need it and always remember the TEACHERS at "Sky" will  ALWAYS be here for you! The teachers at Desert Sky LOVE and MISS YOU! Yes Coach Reilly said the "L" word!, but don't tell anybody . . . .  it will ruin my reputation!

    Please remember that this CANVAS thing is new to me! If something does not work, no big deal, I will reach out to you guys to help me with the problem, I will seek out advice from the other teachers and together we will fix the problems! So in other words . . Please be flexible with my lessons if they do not work like I want them too. I have worked very hard to create lessons that are fun, exciting, stress relieving, immune system building, and will work your Cardio and make you think and reflect about the lessons as you answer my simple and easy questions. Remember if the lessons don't work, (They will I'm positive thinking right now!) just smile and say "How can I help Coach Reilly fix this!"

    I also want to remind you that you will participate in PE class twice a week.  Monday and Wednesday periods 2,4, and 6 will meet. Tuesday and Thursday, periods 1,3, and 5 will meet. 

    For most of my weeks I have two activities/assignments posted. On those weeks I expect you to participate properly, modify the activity to fit your needs, and answer the questions and turn them in daily.

    Other weeks there will be only one assignment posted. My expectations for those weeks are for you to complete the activity/assignment for both of your days and turn in one assignment that include both days.

    Remember, I hope you find some of these activities so much FUN (PE . . . "Have a lot of FUN" activities) that you will participate in them more than just the two days that you have PE. These activities were designed  to help keep you Fit and Healthy for the rest of your Life!

    Please be sure to invite other members of your family to get involved. Most of the activities are set up so, that as a family unit, you can have fun participating and challenging each other to be the "Best They Can Be!" Please remember to modify the lessons if you have to do so.

    Now for my CONTACT TIME!

    I will ALWAYS be available by email (bill.reilly@dvusd.org)

    I will answer emails right away between the hours of 8:00 to 8:30 on Monday and Wednesday mornings for Periods 2,4,and 6.

    I will answer emails right away between the hours of 1:00 to 1:30 on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon for Periods 1,3,and 5.

    You can email me with questions etc. whenever you want, but I cannot promise to get back to you right away.

    Lets talk about ZOOM. Because you have limited time to talk with your Math, ELA, SS, and Science teachers during the 30 minute Student/Parent Availability time, I will not be requiring you to check in with me using Zoom. I feel that you might need the extra contact time with your other courses. I will however speak with you using Zoom if you feel the need to do so, it will just be by appointment only. Please shoot me an email and I will schedule the Zoom time when it will be convenient for both of us.

    I have posted schedules below to help you with scheduling and meeting times! 

    I leave with with the hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and happy! Remember to follow Government Guidelines/Suggestions and that a little sacrifice today will payoff huge tomorrow!

    Take Care and I miss you guys!.


    Coach Reilly