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    Dear Parents/Guardians,


         We would like to explain a few items of importance concerning the physical education/health program at Desert Sky Middle School.  Each student is expected to be prepared for class/daily activities. Being prepared for class/daily activities, means being ready to change clothes for physical activity and having a P.E. Notebook, and pencil/pen ready for academic work. Students are strongly encouraged to keep all of these supplies in their P.E. lockers. The clothing must be functional for physical activity.  Generally, black shorts, a gray “t-shirt” and tennis shoes with socks allow for the best movement.  Shirts should have a crew neck with sleeves but be without buttons or zippers and have the student’s name across the front.  The shorts should be loose fitting, athletic style (length being mid-thigh or longer) but without zippers, buttons, or belt loops and should also include the name printed across the outside bottom hem of the leg.  Shoes should be laced crisscross fashion to allow for a quick, efficient, snug fit that provides for safe movement during physical activities.  During the colder months, we suggest sweat suits or warm-up suits.


         Our P.E. grading system is based on each student being allotted 50 points, (10 points a day,) at the beginning of each week. Full credit is maintained for the week when a student gives a good, positive effort each day, participates properly/appropriately, and changes clothing (dresses out) when required along with following the classroom guidelines. If a student does not meet these criteria, he/she can lose up to 3 points for each incident. For example, wearing shoes that are unsafe for physical activities will be treated as not properly dressing out and three points will be lost. A maximum of 5 points can be deducted in any one day, and no more than 25 points per week. The student’s grade in this class is often a reflection of the student’s display of “Top Twenty” qualities. The grading scale is as follows:


    A = 90 - 100

    B = 80 – 89

    C = 70 – 79

    D = 60 – 69

    F = below 60


          Since grading is participation-oriented, excessive absences or tardies may affect the student’s overall grade and may result in make-up work being assigned for days missed.

          If we ever cover Health Topics that you feel your child may be sensitive to, please contact us so that we can provide an alternative assignment.                                                                             


    Desert Sky Middle School Physical Education staff:


    Kim Hahn  (kim.hahn@dvusd.org) # 602-467-6532

    Bill Reilly  (bill.reilly@dvusd.org)  # 602-467-6531     





     Students are required to have a change of clothing for this class.  The clothing includes a Gray, crew neck t-shirt with sleeves and the name printed across the front: Black, loose-fitting, athletic style shorts (length should be mid-thigh or longer) with the name on the outside leg hem.  Shirts and shorts need to be without buttons, belt loops, or zippers.  Tennis shoes are required, but they can be the same shoes the student wore to school as long as they provide a snug fit and adequate support.   We suggest clothing which allows safe and unrestricted movement for the activity scheduled.  Please take into account the weather conditions.  Sweatsuits are more appropriate for colder weather.  However, names on sweats are optional.  No boxer shorts or flannel pajamas (lounge wear) may be worn as P.E./Health attire.  Students who are unable to obtain suitable P.E. clothing can contact a P.E. teacher prior to the start of the school day and clothing can be provided.   In general, styles/trends that impair the safety of the student and others need to be adjusted or avoided for the P.E.class setting.   Items such as hazardous jewelry, including any body or facial piercings that could pose a danger (i.e. – eyebrow, lip, etc.) will require removal during physical activities.  As a general guideline, it is best to dress for function instead of fashion. Finally, it is the responsibility of the student to exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in class. Major/chronic infractions will result in a referral and loss of points in accordance to our grading system.


         Valuables should not be brought to the locker room.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen itemsAll items that are brought to the locker room must be locked in the student’s locker and not left out during class.


         Electronic devices must remain in the student's backpack at all times during this class.


          Glass containers and aerosol sprays are prohibited in the locker rooms.  These items may be held by the teacher until the end of the school day.


         The student assumes full responsibility for the lock checked out to them for their locker room locker and will be required to replace it at a cost of $10.00 for each lost lock.  Do not share lockers or lock combinations.


         Horseplay will not be tolerated.


         Gum is not allowed, as stated in the school handbook. Students should not have any items in their mouth during P.E. class.


         No student is allowed in the teacher’s office without the teacher present.


         A student is considered tardy if he/she fails to be in the assigned area (i.e.- locker room) at the designated time for the beginning of class.  An after-school detention may be assigned for an unexcused tardy.   Students are also expected to be dressed out and lined up for roll when the teacher starts taking attendance in the gym.


         If the student is not dressed properly for the scheduled activity, this is considered coming to class unprepared and will be dealt with on an individual basis (i.e. – walking will be the student activity for the day when this occurs and there will be parent contact if the problem becomes chronic).


         Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to all teachers and fellow students.  Profanity is unacceptable.  Harassment or intimidation of others will not be tolerated.


         No food or drinks are to be brought into the locker rooms with the exception of water in a clear, plastic bottle.


        A student’s property is expected to be respected by others and not disturbed or damaged.  This would include their locker and personal attire or belongings.


         Fighting is strictly prohibited.  Students are to report any disturbance to a teacher.


         Students are expected to remain in the areas designated by the teacher until dismissed.


         Showers are not required but are available.  Towels are not provided.

    Students are encouraged to use sunscreen.  Sunglasses and hats/visors are appropriate for our outdoor activities.




    All doctor or parent/guardian written excuses must be authorized through the nurse’s office prior to the start of the school day.


    It is the responsibility of the parent and the family doctor to approve the child’s participation in relation to their physical health.  At any point during the year, when a student’s health prohibits him/her from participation in physical education/health, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and/or family doctor to notify in writing the nurse and/or teacher according to the following guidelines:


    1. Written excuses
    2. Students may be excused from participation for a period of three consecutive days upon receipt of a written parent/guardian request.
    3. A written doctor’s excuse is required when absences from participation exceed three consecutive days.
    4. A written doctor’s excuse is also required when a student’s combined excuses from participation total more than five days per grading period. Such excessive absences may indicate a major health problem and a schedule change or grade of incomplete may result.


    1. Non-participating students
    2. Students who do not comply with the guidelines will be penalized daily points until the proper written excuse is produced. Continued non-participation will be regarded as a discipline problem.
    3. Non-participating students will report to their teacher at the start of the period and be assigned a written or appropriate physical assignment to fulfill their daily requirement.
    4. Students excused from physical education/health activities are not allowed to participate in school related after school sports activities for that day.


    1. Special note

    A student who is diagnosed as having an illness or injury which may require absence from physical education/health for three or more weeks may, at the option of the administration, be placed in another more appropriate elective or, if the class is being taken as a requirement, have the requirement waived by the school administration.






    Fitness Equipment Donations


    The Desert Sky physical education department would like your help.  If you have gently used fitness equipment (recumbent bikes, ellipticals, stair masters, etc.) which are not in use, we will gladly accept their donation for use by the Thunderbolt students.  Please contact your child’s P.E. teacher if you are interested in helping out with a donation.