Hey Everyone,

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    All Grades will be run through Power Schools Gradebook only!   

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     Suggested Materials needed for Algebra 3-4:
    For note-taking and classwork, 3 ring binder (1" inch or more) with "College ruled" Paper inserted inside.  If you already have a 3-ring binder that you use for other classes that is okay, but use a divider for your algebra section. 
    (Spiral notebooks are not preferred since handouts will not be able to be inserted with your notes, however they may be used for note-taking and classwork.)
    Pencils (any size mechanical pencils are best), blue or black pen
    The TEXAS INSTRUMENT TI-84 or TI-84+ is the Graphing calculator that I highly recommend purchasing. 
    (Be aware that although the Casio Graphing Calculators are less expensive, they are not used in high school or college nearly as much as the TI-84. Our school software aligns with the TI-84, not the Casio).  Students are not allowed to use the calculator on their cell phones during class. CALCULATORS ON iPads may NOT be used in certain circumstances, such as during tests.
    Everyday bring your Charged, School-Issued iPad
    *An Extra item may be a battery charger & cord incase your iPad loses it's charge thoughout the day.  
    -3 ring binder
    -Paper inserted in binder
    -Ti-84 Graphing Calculator
    -charged iPad
    Again, Please Refer to your Canvas page for all information once Canvas is up and running.  
    Mr. Lopez
    Alg 3-4 Syllabus