• Student agendas are my primary tool of communication with both parents and students.

    • I will not be giving homework in Science or Social Studies. However, tests and quizzes will be posted at the beginning of each week on the homework board.
    • It is your child’s responsibility to copy the information into his or her agenda. 
    • Occasionally, students may need to complete an unfinished class assignment at home. This assignment must be completed the day it is assigned and turned in the following day unless otherwise noted in the agenda.
    •  Additionally, agendas are checked first thing every morning for a parent's signature.
    • Students are expected to follow our PARK expectations (Be prepared, accountable, respectful, and kind) daily. 
    • I encourage parents to write notes with questions or concerns in your child’s agenda or somewhere on the homework. I would be happy to offer suggestions or tips whenever I can. 

    I can also be reached by phone at school from 7:30-3:30 daily at 602-445-4169.