• Park Meadows is proud to promote the six pillars of character using our weekly class discussions. These six pillars include: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. We are very excited about giving fifth graders a positive voice through our class discussions and throughout the year we will encourage our students to become individuals of character.  

    Our staff will be working diligently to teach our students campus procedures and expectations and throughout the school year we will be positively reinforcing their efforts.  We expect all students to be prepared, accountable, respectful, and kind (our school expectations). Fifth grade teachers will be using POSITIVE reinforcement to communicate with parents and students. Please check with your child’s teacher specifically to see how you can get connected to daily behavior updates.

     Students who choose to behave inappropriately will be given time to reflect on their choices and they will be expected to document their actions and consequences so that parents may be informed.  The following table outlines 5th Grade’s classroom progressive discipline consequences:


    Progressive Discipline Consequences

    1st infraction

    Verbal warning

    2nd infraction

    Time out in buddy classroom

    3rd infraction

    Call home to inform parent/guardian and/or morning reflection will be assigned



    **All severe infractions (listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook) will be referred to the office immediately.