• DUFFY’S KINDER NEWS—August 19, 2019

    Hi Kinder Parents, 


    Have you children told you stories about Rosco?  He is our class puppet.  He works with the children during our Morning Meeting time on the rug. He work on everything from color words to team building.  Rosco is a Mexican Wolf and is originally from Mexico.  He speaks Spanish and English.  He does not use his Spanish much at school, but sometimes he teaches the kids a Spanish song or two.  Rosco has been teaching for over 35 years.  He comes from a huge family and all of his brother’s and sister’s names start with an R also.  His parents are divorced and both still live in Mexico.  He visits them when we have a break.  Ask your child about the Hello song he has been singing with the class.  The children love Rosco!


    We are working towards knowing letter names and sounds. We are introducing a letter each day and working on writing the letter correctly. You have probably seen the writing pages come home in the folder. Make sure to ask your child what letters we have been working on in class. Have them tell you the name and the sound. I would even encourage having them write it for you!  I know this is a fast pace, but in order for students to become successful readers, they need to have this crucial foundational piece. We will be learning about the letters in more depth later when we have one letter per week to study in our reading books. 


    greeter class jobs

    We have different jobs in the classroom.   One of these important jobs is class greeter. The greeter gets to wear a special greeter apron.   This person selects the forms of greeting that they are comfortable with (hugs, high fives, handshakes) and puts those pictures on the door frame to show the class their preferences.  Then, they greet each student as they come in the door in the morning. Another important job is the class custodian.  This person takes the blue bucket for lunch boxes out to the playground and puts the trash outside the door each afternoon.  


    centers  centers centers centers centers centers centers centers centers centers

    In Language Arts, we are beginning to work on identifying simple story elements such as character and setting. We are using stories that have rhyme to support our phonemic awareness focus. We started reading centers last week.  The children love working in small groups together. We are going to do more centers next week and practice switching from one to another.


    colors puzzle colors

    We are working on lots of team building and getting to know each other.  Our class puzzles is growing as we learn about each other every day.  Be sure and check out the video link under my name on the kindergarten website also to see a video of a reader's theater.  We took turns so everyone had a chance to be one of the animals and read the story many times.  



    We are filling buckets every day!  I pick three names every day in the afternoon and ask if anyone filled their bucket.  They tell me about children playing with them, smiling with them, sharing with them, or sitting with them at lunch.  Then we put star stickers on both person's buckets.  They children brought home a bucket filling activity on Friday in their folder also.  


    titan cards titan card

    Have you heard about Titan Cards?  Lots of kids receive Titan cards for doing the right thing at school each day.  The cards are put into a box and a weekly winner is picked at each grade level.  This child receives a certificate and their name is put on the school marquis!  There are weekly winners also.  The children in the picture won this week mostly for being tender-hearted with new friends and being accountable with their behavior. 


    In Math we are continuing to focus on counting and cardinality. This is the most basic of number skills that sets the foundation for a deep understanding of numbers. Many of the activities will be used repeatedly as the numbers we study grow.  Please continue to work on the homework pages.  You only need to worry about those marked "homework" on the top right corner.  The others are fun extras that we may have used in class.


    This Week’s Sight Words are:  I, am -- The children should know how to read these words.  Look for a book coming home on Tuesday to practice.

    This Week’s Amazing Words are: proud, cooperation, float, preparation, creation, and guide -- The children need to know what these words mean and be able to use them in a sentence.


    We will be working on:

    Rhyming/Syllables Character/ Setting

    Counting within 5 - ways to make and write

    Patriotism/US Flag


    Important stuff:

    • Please remember to send your child to school with a water bottle and a snack. With the hot weather, they need to be drinking to stay hydrated. I have been so happy to see most of the kids wearing tennis shoes.  They are so much better on the playground than sandals!
    • Please look in your child’s folder every night and review the calendar.  Thank you for signing the calendar in the folder so I know you have seen it.  Please leave the calendar in the folder for the week so I can stamp it each day to show how your child is doing.  Look in the backpack also for the papers we have completed.  Please keep these papers at home.  They children have a math homework page in their Math packet on most days. I will give stickers to those who bring the homework back. 


    Classroom Needs:

    none...thank you for your donations! :)


    Ask your child this:

    What is a five frame?

    Where do you always start your letters? 


    Important Upcoming Events

    • August 23th - Early Release - students dismiss at 1:30
    • August 30th –Early Release -1:30
    • September 2nd - Labor Day - No school

    Our Class Mission: We are here to learn all Kindergarten standards so we are ready for first grade.