• Ms. Duffy's Weekly News--November 29, 2021


    Hello Kindergarten Families,

    We had another busy week last week!



    We made some long-legged turkeys to go with a poem we learned.  We colored coffee filters with markers and sprayed them with water.  They made beautiful tails for our turkeys. 



    We had a lot of fun learning about balance scales and comparing the weight of different objects together. We recorded our results on our math papers. The children took turns and were very good at cooperating with each other in their small groups. 



    The turkey trot was a great success with everyone trying!  Our class had the third-place winners in both the girls and the boys groups.  Everyone had a good time and we were all tired afterward.



    We have been working on hearing the middle sounds in words so we are ready to segment words well on the DIBELS test in early December.  One game we play is the vowel tent game.  I say a word and the children hold up the vowel letter for the middle sound they hear. 


    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and eat some yummy food!  See you on the 29th


    Below you will find the weekly focus for each content area and reminders for the week of Nov. 29th-Dec. 3rd. 


    Phonemic Awareness/Phonics:

    • Review: phoneme segmentation and isolate the medial sound
    • Review: letter sounds previously taught - m,s,t,n,p,r,a,i,b,c,d,f,g,k,o,l,h,w, and j 
    • New: vowel u



    • Stories: All by Myself and Jabari Jumps
    • Sight Words: but, look, up, want
    • Spelling:  Pound, Tap, Write  
    • Story Elements:  Make and Check Predictions
    • Story Elements: Characters
    • Writing: Narrative with a Beginning Middle and End


    Sight words already taught:  the, a, see, I, to, my, by, am, at, go, man, is, no, can, and, you, an, has, it, he, she, ran, did, in, put, sits, me, with, big, good, very, his, got, there, on, of, lot, not, are, was, had, ten, be, do


    • Comparison of Weight and Volume


    Social Studies:

    Winter Holidays in different Cultures



    Patterns in the Sky


    Special Area Class:

    • Monday:  Day 4
    • Tuesday:  Day 5
    • Wednesday:  Day 6
    • Thursday:  Day 1
    • Friday: Day 2


    Important Reminders:


    Birthday Treat Update: The previous 4 day quarantine for birthday treats has been lifted. Families can bring in store bought birthday treats on the day of the birthday. Please make prior arrangements with the teacher to ask about food allergies in the classroom. No goodie bags to be taken home.

    NO SCHOOL the week of 11/22-11/26 for Thanksgiving Recess 

    December 3, 10-- early dismissal 1:20

    December 17-- half day dismissal 11:20

    No School December 18-January 2 Christmas Break 

    January 3--Staff development--no school for students

    January 7-Regular day--no early dismissal