• DUFFY’S KINDER NEWS—October 21, 2019


    Hi Parents,


     puzzel puzzle puzzle

    The children loved putting puzzles together and playing dreambox last week. 


    We are celebrating the 50th day of school on Monday by dressing like the 50's.  Please don't stress about buying something.  A pair of rolled up jeans and a white shirt will work.  Pearls, scarves, bobby socks all will work. Or a full skirt and shirt.  Boys can slick back their hair and girls can wear pony tails.  We will dance the hokey pokie and listen to 50's songs while we work.    


    Thanks to all the parents who came to conferences.  I was so happy to get to know you all better and talk about your child's progress. 


    dreambox dreambox dreambox dreambox

    In math we are working on 2D shapes.  The children loved using the geoboard on the ipads to make triangles with a partner.  After each pair made a design they liked, we pretended to go on a field trip to the "shape museum" and toured the different ipad pictures.  The kids thought it was great fun to pretend to get on and off the bus and ride to the field trip! 


    hibernation  hibernation hibernation hibernation

    We are working on learning about animals and their needs.  We read a book about hibernation last week in reading.  This week's book is about an animal finding the perfect home.  We are continuing to learn more about animals in the afternoon as part of our science lessons.  This week, we will learn about migration, hibernation, and adaptation, as well as animal needs.  The children made the above pictures of a bear hibernating in his cave last week after we read Bear Snores On


    This Week’s Sight Words are:  I, am, the, little, to, and, have, is, we, my, like, for, he-- The children should know how to read these words. 


    This Week’s Amazing Words are:  meadow, nest, stump, tree trunk, hive, den-- The children need to know what these words mean.

    We will be working on:

    Rhyming/Initial and Ending Sound Discrimination

    The sound of M, T, A, S, P, C and I


    Animal Needs/Animals in Winter


    The fall party is coming soon!  You have probably already seen the sign up.  The party will be on October 25 at 12:30. If you want to volunteer at the party and you have taken the training, please come at 11:45 to help set up. 


    Be sure to take a look at the Veterans Day flyer that went home a few days ago.  If you have any veterans in your family, please invite them to be a part of the celebration so we can honor them.  There will be a breakfast for family members who are in the armed forces or veterans following the assembly. Please send back the RSVP if you plan to attend the breakfast with military family.  Everyone is invited to see the program even if they don't have military in their family. The kindergarteners are singing with the first graders in the program, so plan to attend if you can. The celebration is November 6th at 8:30. 


    The children are moving along on the sight words on the rings!  Please practice the words with your child every night.  It is a good idea to practice the words out of order as that is how they are tested.  Please make sure you remember that the sight words are not to be sounded out, they are intended to be memorized so they can "pop" out of your child's mouth as soon as they see them. This greatly assists reading fluency. Also, keep in mind that I can't replace lost sets so make sure your child is responsible and keeps them in a safe place at all times. 


    If you are interested in more homework, you can access the monthly homework for October on the website. There is a link on the left hand side of the homepage entitled homework.  This is optional homework.  If you would like me to send you a hard copy let me know and I will run it off for you.  If you keep the homework until you are finished with the entire month and send it in, I will let your child pick a prize from the treasure box.


    Ask your child this:

    What are some different animal homes you have learned about?

    How many sides does a rectangle have?

    What was the surprise ending in the story about the bear who was hibernating while his friends had a party?  Is this week's story about animal homes real or make believe? 


    Important Upcoming Events:

    October 21—50th day celebration—dress like the 50's

    October 25— Fall Party 12:30--Early Dismissal 1:25

    October 28-November 1 –Red Ribbon Week

    October 29—Trunk or Treat

    November 1—Early Dismissal 1:25

    November 6—Veterans Day Assembly

    November 8—Early Dismissal 1:25

    November 11—No school—Veterans Day

    November 22—Thanksgiving Play (morning-time to come soon

    November 27-29 - No School - Thanksgiving Break



    Our Class Mission: We are here to learn all Kindergarten standards so we are ready for First grade.