•   Check-in/Check-out Materials, Reading, Schoolwork and Research

    Monday through Friday, 8:30a.m. to 3:45p.m.



    The mission of the DVUSD Library Media Center staff is to work collaboratively with teachers and students to support academics, to promote reading for pleasure and information, and to prepare our community of learners with the lifelong skills necessary to be competent, critical, ethical, and indpendent seekers and users of information.


    library building

    The K-8 Library Media Centers are open the entire school day plus 15 minutes before the school day starts and 15 minutes after the school day ends. The LMCs provide books, reference materials, and computers for students to use.  Technology is used for school work only.  Teachers schedule library times to bring classes to the LMC, and students may obtain individual passes from their teacher to take advantage of the library resources and space during the school day. 

    Books are checked out for up to two weeks, with the option to renew one time (unless the book is on hold by another student.)  Students and parents are financially responsible for any books that are checked out in the student’s name.  No fines are assessed for overdue books in the K-6, K-8, and middle schools, but student’s privileges to check out books will be suspended until the book(s) are returned in good condition. Any lost or damaged items must be paid for before the student will be allowed to borrow more books.  Replacement book(s) are subject to acceptance.  At the end of the school year, if a K-6, K-8, or middle school student still has a book(s) on their library account, the student’s report card will be held in the office or LMC for parents to pick up.  The LMC will remain open one week after the student’s last day of school. 

    Students and parents may access the student’s library account online at:  destiny.dvusd.org Choose the school of attendance, click on Login, and use the student’s DVUSD username and password.  Click on the My Info tab to access the account information.


    All students visiting the LMC with a pass are required to sign-in/sign-out for saftey precautions, per district policy. Students coming to the LMC unscheduled, must have a pass/authorized student agenda, sign-in and out, and work quietly and independently if a class is scheduled with the librarian. 


    Kindergarten & 1st grade: 1 book for 1 week
    2nd grade: 2 books for 2 weeks
    3rd-6th grade: 3 books for 2 weeks
    7th-8th grade: As needed, for 2 week periods

    Materials may be renewed if they are not reserved. Reference materials are for use in the LMC only. Overdue books must be returned, and lost/damaged books replaced, or paid before further LMC use is restored within the Deer Valley Unified School District.


    There are no fines charged for overdue books, however, patrons are responsible to pay for any lost or damaged items before futher LMC use is allowed.


    Supplies such as pencils, markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc. are available for student use in the LMC.

    11 new Chromebox computers are available for research and homework, but do not have printing capability. One additional student computer has been installed to allow for printing, up to 5 black and white printed pages per student. All have internet access.  Students must have a signed Internet Agreement sheet on file in the office.