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  • Supporting Potential and Achievement in Remarkable Kids (SPARK) is the name of DVUSD's Enrichment Program. This program is primarily for gifted students, but also applies to high achieving and high potential students.  Students who score at the 94th percentile or higher on a state-approved gifted assessment are eligible to participate in SPARK Enrichment.  SPARK is available at each school in grades K-6.  

    SPARK is an ongoing enrichment learning program that addresses the unique needs of gifted, high achieving, and high potential students at our participating schools. Students attend multiple days during the week, depending on the schedule of the school, and typically during RTI/MTSS periods. This program provides students with engaging experiences in mathematics, language and communication, writing, social studies, science, technology, and/or the arts through enrichment opportunities. The learning experiences in SPARK require students to think critically, collaborate with others, communicate their ideas, and show creativity. SPARK offers an environment of like minds for the duration of full RTI periods for enrichment to supplement content area classes. Our schools offer different versions of the SPARK Program. Some of these variations include project-based learning, STEM activities, group reports, etc.