Grades are based on the following percentages:

    90 - 100% = A           80-89% = B               70-79% = C               60-69% = D   0-59% = F

    The following homework policies are in effect:

    1.) Assignments need to be complete by arrival at 9 AM on the due date.

    2.) If an afternoon subject is NOT completed upon arrival, students may complete it during

    lunch recess. Even if the work is completed prior to lunch that day, students will still serve

    time as a consequence for not being prepared. Ten percentage points will be deducted on late work.

     3.) Work may be redone. If it is teacher’s choice, the student may be in class during lunch

    recess to get extra help. If a redo is the student’s choice, the student will need to indicate why a redo is needed. Ten percentage points will be deducted on work redone.


    Excused absences will get one make up day for each day missed. For example, if a student is absent on Monday and Tuesday, they will have Wednesday and Thursday as their makeup days and would need to be fully caught up when they arrive Friday.

    Thank you for your continued support. If you have questions, please let me know.
    Students may NOT retake an open book test.  If a student wishes to retake a test they will need to fill out a test retake form and it will need to be approved by the teacher. 


    Greenbrier Elementary School participates in Power Schools. This provides parents a way to view student grades and attendance throughout the school year by simply logging on to our internet web site and entering your username and password. The web site can be accessed here:


    Passwords can be signed for at our front office if you need yours. A picture ID is required.

    Grades are updated at least once a week, usually more often. It is a good way for you to get quick feedback on a test or other assignment, and track overall grade averages.  Attendance information is also available on Power Schools.

    I strongly recommend keeping track of your child’s progress throughout the year using this program. As sixth graders, it is also important that they begin tracking their own progress on PowerSchools.



    In order to guarantee your child and all the students in our classroom have the excellent learning climate they deserve, we are using the following plan.


    Classroom Philosophy:


    All students can behave appropriately.


    Classroom Rule:


    Do not cause a problem for others or ourselves.


    Classroom Expectations:


    ·        Be respectful


    ·        Be responsible


    ·        Be safe


    Action Plan:


    ·        If there is a problem, students will have an opportunity to fix it.


    ·        If the student or students are unable to fix the problem, the teacher will do something.


    Below is a matrix with some specific expectations.


                             RESPECT             RESPONSIBILITY      SAFETY           PERSONAL BEST

    Enter & Exit



    Be quiet


    Follow directions the first time


    Greet others quietly and politely


    Walk in a F.L.A.S.H. line


    Go directly to where you need to be

    Sign in and out (when required)


    Use walking feet

    Be respectful of learning

    Instruction Time

    Raise hand


    Wait for your turn


    Listen to classmates



    Have materials ready


    Keep desk area neat and clean

    Use materials and tools appropriately


    Stay seated with all chair legs on the floor

    Be an active learner

    Independent Work

    Raise hand to be helped


    Talk quietly when asking for help


    Be on task


    Have materials out and ready



    Use materials and tools appropriately


    Stay seated with all chair legs on the floor

    Apply what you have learned

    Cooperative Group Work

    Listen to others ideas


    Be cooperative



    Participate in group discussions


    Share in the work equally

    Use materials and tools appropriately


    Keep a clear walkway when working

    Be open to new ideas and thoughts