• In reading students continue developing comprehension skills as they learn to identify characters, setting, and events. students are learning to blend and read words with 2 sounds (vowel - consonant) and words with 3 sounds (consonant - vowel- consonant (cvc). to properly blend sounds to read words, students must first know their letter sounds. we then teach them to hold a continuous sound and blend it to the next sound. this process helps students hear words as they blend to read. students will encounter words they can not sound out. please help them use strategies to determine words before just telling them what the word says. these strategies include prompting your child with questions such as: "what is the first sound?, what comes next? blend those sounds!" then guide them to final sounds! "what sound does the final letter make? " encourage them to put those sounds together with the content of the picture/story and see if your child can determine the unknown word. this is building a decoding strategy to help your child become an independent problem solver and have success in reading.


    Students have been learning the difference between nouns and verbs and just recently began identifying adjectives to describe nouns. They are using this knowledge to build sentences in writing journals.


    We continue learning to recognize, read, and spell sight words! Our new sight words this week are "good" and "his."


    In Math we have been learning to name and identify 2D and 3D shapes. Have your child go on a shape search around the house and tell you what they find! Students can also sort their Halloween candy by shapes and sizes! This week we will begin comparing the lengths, heights, weights of objects and defining positions of objects! Challenge your child at home, have them find their favorite toy and put it in front of them, behind them, above/below/beside them.  We will begin learning ti identify and name teen numbers and how to compose and decompose them in a variety of ways!


    In Science this week, we have been studying the lifecycle of pumpkins! We will continue studying parts of plants and identifying different types of vegetables (root, stem, and leaf veggies) as we prepare for our visit to the farm!


    In Social Studies, students have been learning about maps and how they help us find locations! We are learning about cardinal directions, map symbols, and state, country and world maps! We are also learning about holidays and how people around the world and in even in our communities celebrate in different ways.




    Home Learning Ideas-

    Encourage your child to explain their learning and use the vocabulary in that subject area!  Find sight words in texts/signs/menus.  Add sticky notes around the house with sight words/letters/numbers/words).  Have your child say all the sounds they hear, in words you provide.  Have your child count out objects to 20 at home.  Orally count to 100 with your child.