• In reading students will listen to stories, make predictions and share reactions to content/theme.  They will identify characters in stories and character traits. We begin building working memory skills, learning letter names, sounds, and structures, identifying initial sounds in words, and breaking words into syllables. We also learn to identify the number of words in a sentence and identify rhymes.

    Sight words are the most frequently occurring words in texts.  We memorize and read these words by sight, as they are not always decodable! Kindergarten will learn 50 sight words this year! 

    Sight words we will learn this month include: I, the, a, see, to!  Practice these words at home!

    In writing, students will practice writing their name accurately with the initial letter capitalized and the rest lowercase using correct letter formation!  Students will also practice correct line strokes, top to bottom, diagonal slants from left to right and right to left, zig zags, curves, etc.  This will lead into correct letter formation for handwriting.

    In math, we will explore a variety of manipulatives that will be used throughout the year to teach and practices skills.  We will learn to identify and name 2D shapes (circle, square, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, & trapeziod), we will begin developing a strong number sense with emphasis on the numbers 0-10, and learn that there are different ways to compose/represent numbers.

    In science we will focus on tools we use at school and how to use these tools correctly and safely.  We will also learn about colors andconductexperiments to examine the effects of color mixing with paints, playdough, and chalk.

    In social studies we will learn all about our classmates and build our new school community! We will learn how to model and behave  "The Pirate Way!"  to make it a great day for ourselves and others!



    Home Learning Ideas-

    Encourage your child to explain their learning and use the vocabulary in that subject area!  Find sight words in texts/signs/menus.  Add sticky notes around the house with sight words/letters/numbers/words).  Have your child name and/or say the sounds of the letters.  Say a word and have your child tell you the 1st sound in the word! Have your child count out objects to 10 at home.  Orally count to 50 with your child.