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  • Gavilan Peak Elementary introduced The Mandarin Immersion Program in 2008. Gavilan Peak successfully teaches Mandarin Partial Immersion as a Confucius Classroom. The FLEX (Foreign Language Experience) Program starts in Kindergarten and currently goes through 7th Grade.  We have amazing, educated and talented teachers from China who engage the children with the language and culture.

    There are various levels of Language instruction at Gavilan Peak. In a Partial Immersion class 50% of the day is taught in Mandarin(typically Math, Science, & Mandarin Language). We also offer FLEX (Foreign Language Exploratory) in  K-6th grades. The Mandarin instruction time is 45 minutes a week. Our 7th and 8th Grade Students can take Mandarin 1-2 at Gavilan Peak for High school credit.  As our students continue on to High school, Boulder Creek offers Mandarin 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8/AP.


  • Immersion Classes and Class work done by students.

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