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    Important Information for Kindergarten




    The classroom hours for kindergarten are 8:45-3:30. However, students are encouraged to arrive at 8:30, when campus opens, to allow them time to unpack their backpack and play on the playground before our day begins. Students who arrive at 8:40 may be marked tardy if they are unable to get to their room and unpack their backpack before the 8:45 bell rings. Three Fridays of the month will be early release days for teacher professional development. Students will dismiss at 2:00.  There are six half days throughout the year when sutdents will be dismissed at 12:05.

    We will always pick students up from the playground.  If your child is late and the gates are locked, he/she should enter through the front office.  Once the gates are locked, they will remain locked to maintain a safe campus.  Also, please come for your child promptly at the end of the day, it can be very frightening for a child when mom or dad is late.


    Pick up:

    Students that are being picked up by parents or siblings will be waiting with a teacher at either the drive-up or walk-up gates.  Students that are riding the bus will be escorted to the bus by a teacher. Students that are going to after care will be picked up from the kindergarten playground by the after care staff.



    Name Tags:

    Your child must wear his/her nametag to school for the first week to help us match names with faces and to assist with dismissal. 


    Changes in Routine:

    If there is a change in routine as far as how your child is to go home from school, please notify you child’s teacher in a written letter.  This is for your child’s protection.  If we do not receive a note, your child will go home as originally planned.  Please do not call and leave a voice mail after 2:00  as we are with students and will most likely not receive the message in time.



    We celebrate birthdays during the last ½ hour of the day.  You are welcome to send in a simple birthday treat to share with the class.  Please make certain the item is an individual serving and purchased from a store.  We cannot serve homemade treats for parties or birthdays.  Some suggestions are: cookies, fruit gummies, popsicles, doughnuts  or small cupcakes.  Please only send invitations to parties directly to the teacher.  Your child’s teacher will privately place them in other children’s folders so feelings are not hurt by anyone in class.  Summer birthdays will be given the opportunity to be celebrated during the last week of school.



    Please do not allow your child to bring toys or other keepsakes from home.  We are not responsible if they get lost or taken.  If your child is asked by his/her teacher to bring in an item from home for sharing, you will be notified.


    Book Orders:         

    Your child will bring home book orders throughout the year.  This is a convenient and inexpensive way to build a home library. Please make payments online directly to Scholastic.  We cannot accept checks made out to the teacher or school. 



    Please send your child dressed comfortably for school, so he/she can participate in both inside and outside activities.  Kindergarten is a world of exploration.  Although we try to encourage the children to protect their clothing during messy activities, we cannot guarantee clothing will not get messy.  A good rule of thumb is that if you treasure the outfit; do not wear it to school.  Appropriate footwear should be worn.  The flip-flop type of shoe is very unsafe for play, and we strongly discourage them.


    School Folders:

    Your child will receive a school folder at the beginning of the year.  The folders need to be returned to school each and every day.  Your child’s teacher will check the folder daily for information and notes from home.  Please check the folder each night and empty all papers that need to stay home.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if my child cries every day when I leave and latches on to me?

    It is often best to say your goodbyes quickly. If your child is having separation anxiety (or you are as a parent) progressively working your way to just dropping off your child is usually best.  For example: if your child is still excessively crying and needs to by preyed off of you, the following step is a suggestion; saying your goodbyes at the gate for a few days and then eventually in the car. It can be quite a process. If your child continues crying and it carries on into the classroom and now affects other students’ learning, you will be notified.  A teacher will be inside the gate on duty each morning and kindergarten teachers will be at the classrooms waiting to meet students. It is not necessary to walk to the classroom for goodbyes as it tends to prolong the ultimate independence we are striving for. Rest assured, most tears are gone in just a few moments.


    When is a good time to conference with my child’s teacher to find out about his/her progress?

    Dismissal is always a hectic time and we really don’t have time to “chat.” Our focus is to make sure all students get where they need to be in a safe and timely manner. If it isn’t urgent, perhaps an e-mail during the day is great! Conferences will be held in October and February.

    ***Don’t ask questions about your child in front of other parents you may get an answer you don’t want others to hear.


    What if my child is sick?

    Please notify the attendance line (623-445-7890) and keep them home. If your child breaks out in a rash, chicken pox, strep, pink eye or anything he/she may have exposed the class to, please notify the attendance line and the nurse.


    What if I am running late picking up my child?

    Please notify the front office and they will notify us. If you are running late, your child will be waiting in the office for pickup. It does get hot at parent pickup and we don’t want the children to become overheated. We would never just leave your child unattended in an area for pickup.


    What if it is raining?

    If it is raining when your child arrives at school they may wait by the classroom door until the teacher arrives 8:30 a.m. We will take the children inside at 8:30.


    Can I bring my toddler/baby to volunteer?

    Unfortunately siblings are not allowed in the classroom for volunteer time or field trips. Keep in mind that this is a special time for your kindergartner. Brothers and sisters will also have their special time when they begin school.


    What if I am scheduled to volunteer and I can’t come in?

    Speak with your child’s teacher, e-mail is preferred. If you can’t come in on your scheduled day please let us know a couple days ahead of time so that we can make arrangements. If you would like to volunteer please send us an e-mail and we’d be happy to give you a day or two.


    What if I need information regarding transportation, cafeteria or after school care?

    Please check with our school office for these programs and phone numbers. They are a separate entity from your child’s teacher.


    What if our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween or the holidays?

    That’s ok, we don’t teach “holidays.” We are required by the state to identify particular dates on our calendar. We will refer to our class parties as “Fall” or “Winter” Celebrations. The crafts and activities will be thematic to leaves or harvest in the Fall and snowmen or seasons for Winter.


    Will there be a “graduation” at the end of the year?

    No, we will have a program for the parents to attend toward the end of the year to celebrate our successes.


    How can I help my child become more independent?

    Please do not carry your child’s backpack for them. Your child needs to get accustomed to wearing it and being responsible enough to hang it on the backpack rack.  Please encourage your child to put his/her folder in the folder bin, lunch in the lunch tub, backpack on the rack and go play with their friends. Please allow your child to hand in box tops, papers etc. on his/her own. The teacher will remind children as they enter the room, at circle time and various times of the day. We each have many students wanting to hand us things around the clock and if we are handed things outside of the classroom there is a greater chance it will get lost. Again, if the information can be sent via e-mail or in your child’s folder, please do that instead.   We really want them to be independent!


    How will I know if my child is misbehaving in class?

    Check your child’s homework sheet daily to see what color their clip was on during the day. If your child is having a hard time following classroom expectations their clip chart color will indicate that. If your child is on red, you will be contacted by the teacher or we will you send you an e-mail notifying you of any specific problem. We offer a variety of praise to the children that are doing well throughout the day, as well as giving out Hawk Cards and having students “clip up”.


    How will I know when Library books are due?

    Books will be due every Friday when we visit the library to check out a new book.


    Does my child need to bring a snack each day?

    We offer an optional snack time during our afternoon recess. Children must have a healthy snack that they can open by themselves. Snacks will be kept in their backpacks for easy access at recess. Children will not be allowed to get their lunchboxes out during snack time. Drinks are not allowed. They will have access to their water bottles or the drinking fountain.


    What if my child lives at two different houses, how will I get the important papers?

    Please leave the important papers in the backpack until both parents have seen them and initialed them in the corner- that way you’ll know when both of you have seen and read various papers. We can not send home 2 sets of all paperwork as we are very conscious of how much paper is being used at school. We can only give you one report card each 9 weeks but you are free to make copies accordingly. We will have 2 conferences with you this year (October and February) and we would really appreciate if both sets of parents and or caregivers could come to the same conference so that we are all certain that everyone receives the same information.