5th ELA

5th Reading

  • Welcome to 5th grade ELA!


    We have several assignments that are on-going and will not be recorded in the assignments tab.  These include:

    Independent Novel Reading

    With each novel students will complete a novel study packet about their reading every week.  The packet will focus on significant events that occured in their reading section by quoting the story directly along with several of the major Literary Elements that students need to be familiar with over the course of the year.  Students will reflect on why the events are significant framing their thoughts with the Literary Elements being studied this year.  Packets will be checked every Thursday.  


     Latin - Throughout the year we will continue our exploration of vocbulary by studying 50 Latin stems and 50 high level vocabulary.  Our studies will come from Caesar's English I by Michael Clay Thompson.  Each week students will get a Latin packet with 5 stems (odd number weeks) or 5 words (even number weeks).  The work will be handed out on Monday and due that following Friday.  Each Friday there will be a Latin quiz that covers that weeks words as well as a cummulative review of the words and stems studied in previous weeks.  Students are encouraged to study nightly.  One great resource for studying is www.quizlet.com.  Once students have accessed the site they will need to search 5th Grade Ellis and it will have all of the words studied so far.


    Remember to join me for reminders and updates on Remind101.  This is a fabulous app that allows me to send you information via texts.  All you need to do is text