• Diamond Canyon Elementary Confucius classrooms provide extraordinary education opportunities to every learner. We are so lucky to have a sister school "Hangzhou Foreign Language school" in China. Our Goal is to extend global boundaries and allow our students to experience a unique language and cultural experience in Mandarin Chinese.

    Mandarin is taught in our students' Specials and Exploratory Classes. These Confucius Classrooms teach Mandarin in Kindergarten through 6th grade also known as FLEX (Foreign Language Experience). Our students have Mandarin language instruction 45 minutes per week as part of their 'Specials' classes. Our amazing teachers will introduce the language through repetition, song, and play. Seventh grade students engage in our Mandarin FLES Program (Foreign Language in Elementary School) as part of the students' Exploratory Classes. In these classes, language instruction is taught 45 minutes daily for 9 weeks. Lastly, our Mandarin 1-2 classes are offered to our 8th grade students. This class can be taken as a high school credit for their foreign language. Students will learn vocabulary, practice character writing, and learn more about the Chinese culture. 

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