• The mission of the DMVS Library/Media staff is to collaborate with teachers and students to support academics, to promote reading for pleasure and information and to prepare our students with life-long skills necessary to be competent, independent seekers and users of information. 

    Students and staff are welcome to visit the library Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 3:15 pm; check-in/check-out of books, silent reading, homework and research are encouraged.



    During classroom hours, students accessing the LMC must bring a teacher pass or have their student agenda signed with current date and time. In addition, students are required to sign in and out when visiting the library.



    Students have the opportunity to borrow two books at a time for two weeks. Material may be renewed if they are not reserved by another patron. Reference materials are for use in the LMC only. Since each school "owns" their collection of books, please be certain that all books are returned to Deer Valley Middle School prior to changing schools, graduating, etc.



    There are no fines charged for overdue books, however, patrons are responsible to pay for lost or damaged items before further material can be borrowed from the LMC.


    Computer Use

    In addition to our print material, the Library/Media center has computers available for student use. These computers are restricted for academic use only and are available to all students who have parent permission to use them. Contact school if Internet and E-Mail User Agreement needs to be completed or updated.