• At Paseo Hills we offer gifted clusters for all students in grades K-8.  Students who are identified as gifted (88%ile and above) are clustered together with other gifted students for a majority of the day.  
    Paseo Hills Gifted Cluster Classrooms 2022-2023
    Kindergarten: Ms. Michele Moss
    1st Grade: Mrs. Erin Scott
    2nd Grade: Mrs. Sarah Perkins
    3rd Grade: Mrs. Tristin Rowley
    4th Grade:  Ms. Hadley Parham
    5th Grade: Mr. Justin Pothast (Math & ELA)
    6th Grade: Ms. Sierra Palmer (Math) & Ms. Angelique Gratto (ELA)
    7th Grade: Mrs. Janet Clarke (ELA) & Ms. Cheyenne Bolte (Math)
    8th Grade: Ms. Brittney Jensen (ELA) & Mrs. Valerie Looney (Math)