• Testing will occur 3 times a year.  If you wish to have your student tested please contact your childs home room teacher at least 2 weeks prior to the testing window.
    Fall testing - August
    Winter testing - January/February
    Spring testing -  April/May
    Please contact the Gifted Services Coordinate for Diamond Canyon with questions about testing. 
    Testing is also available in June at District Office. 
    How does a students qualify for the program?
    Students qualify by scoring in the 97 percentile or Standard Age Score of 132 on the Cognitive Abilities Test or another test accepted by the Arizona Department of Education for gifted identification. Deer Valley will accept students scoring 95th percentile in verbal or quantitative provisionally for one subject area. Deer Valley Schools provide testing using the Cognitive Abilities Test three time during the year. Students may be referred by teachers, parents, or themselves for testing. More information can be obtained from classroom teachers.