• Placement:

    Students who score at the 97th percentile on the Cognitive Abilities Test (or another approved test) will be placed in the appropriate program. The test has three areas (verbal, quantitative, and spacial thinking). Students scoring at the 94th percentile in verbal or quantitative will be placed on a provisional basis.


    Students currently enrolled in a Deer Valley school have the opportunity to be tested for gifted identification at their home school various times a year.  Information can be found on the Deer Valley Gifted Services website at the link below.  If a teacher recommends your child for testing, they will send you an email so you can register and give permission.  No child will be tested without parents' permission.
    In the winter, we will be offering Universal screening for all 2nd grade students for placement the following year.

    Testing information


Testing Dates

  • Testing takes place various times during the year.  All testing schedules and information can be found on the website for Deer Valley Gifted Service.  Requests for testing are made through Deer Valley Gifted Services.  The link for testing requests can also be found here along with testing windows.  Requests for testing must be made through DVUSD gifted services during the registration window.