• Good afternoon Terramar Task Force:
    We wanted to provide an update on the status of efforts at the Terramar Elementary School.  In general, we have noticed an improvement to the overall condition of the buildings on the campus. 
    We are still contending with the first floor slab "pumping" water, but we have improved the impact this is having on the interior building space with the carpeting we selected.  However, where there is no carpet this is much more evident.  The humidity levels are also improved with the air conditioning replacements (along with other improvements). 
    Several weeks ago we did find some fungal matter in a janitor closet in the administration building. We contracted with CRS (same company we have used in the past) to contain and remediate this room and that work was completed.  Unfortunately, after the first remediation effort not all the fungal matter was removed.  The area that was missed was remediated and we rescheduled the indoor air quality test.  We got a verbal confirmation this week that the indoor air quality test failed so we have additional work that still needs to be done in this room.  We will work with CRS to determine what the next steps need to be.  The room remains contained, and has so since it was first identified.  Although it is frustrating we have not yet fixed this completely, this does provide evidence that the process we are following requires a positive indoor air quality report before we will clear a space to be occupied.