• Renaissance Middle School @ Highland Lakes

    Middle School

     What Austin, who is now at the high school, had to say about Renaissance Middle School -
    "For me, Renaissance was an experience that I doubt I'll ever forget. The atmosphere, teachers, and other kids that you will meet all contribute to create an experience that is just so different from regular classes. We were given a lot of freedom, but also taught to manage that freedom and use our time wisely. I met so many like-minded people and formed so many bonds that will last a very long time. I don't want to take up a lot of space writing this but I will just say that if you have any doubts about joining Renaissance, you can bet I did too, but I joined nonetheless and would definitely make the decision again if I had to."

    Connections to High School
    Former Renaissance Middle School students from Deer Valley High School returned to class today to speak with current 8th grade Renaissance students about some of the unique benefits and challenges of high school for our students after Renaissance. These DVHS students are available for support and mentoring throughout the year. 
     High School Students Return

  •  Project Wet

    Real-World, Problem-Based Learning at its Best!
    Seventh Grade Renaissance participated in a year long curriculum called Arizona Project Wet unique to Arizona focused on the aquifer of the southwest. It is a multi-disciplined, cross-curricular series of lessons, field trips, labs, experiments, and guest speakers culminating in a state-wide competition of student led presentations held at Phoenix College. Our students attended for the first time competing against schools which participate year after year, where they took first place, second place and people's choice. The trophies are on display in the HLS lobby. As teachers we are so proud of this student achievement as it represents recognition of the level of excellence our students display against many other school including those highly regarded charter schools.
  • Field Trips:

  •  American Revolution Battle Projects

    Each group was assigned a battle that they had to make a scale model of. In addition, they had to create either a brochure or PowerPoint presentation with the details about the battle. On Friday, September 25, we invited parents, community members, teachers,  administrators, etc. to come in and do a gallery walk viewing each of their presentations/recreations. The guests were encouraged to ask questions about the battles and the students, being the experts were expected to be able to answer the questions. Finally, on Monday, the students presented their battles to their classmates.
  • Unique Renaissance Projects: