• 2023-2024 Sports Seasons

    Deer Valley Unified School District (DVUSD) provides its middle school student athletes with multiple opportunities to compete throughout the school year.

    In 2022-23, we changed the order of our seasons so that we could align with our neighboring districts to offer more athletic opportunities for our students. Not only do we have the opportunity for post-season regional championships, but we are now opening up in season tournaments hosted by high schools throughout all three districts (Dysart, Peoria and DVUSD).

    We also needed to make a change to the order of our seasons due to the fact that we were experiencing a shortage of game officials in previous years when the sports seasons coincided with the high school seasons. By making this change, we had one of our best years in regard to official coverage!

    Both the high school athletic directors and the district athletic directors believe that the current seasonal format is best for the long term development of our athletic programs.

    The continuation of our current season schedule will allow us to continue and grow our partnership with the Peoria and Dysart Districts, as well as allow us to continue to build our connections between the middle schools and high schools within our own district. As our middle schools compete outside of the high school seasons, this will allow for high school coaches and assistant coaches to become more involved with our middle school programs.

    As we continue to move forward in partnership with our high schools and neighboring districts, our goal is to provide as many athletic opportunities for our students within DVUSD. We look forward to a great 2023-24 school year!

    Sports Schedules:

    The schedule for each sport will be located on its page (left tool bar) by the end of June.  Please know the schedule is subject to change. Check back periodically for any updates. 

    Register My Athlete needs to be completed for the new sports year. If you registered on-line last year, you just need to log in and update forms needed for the new year. Physicals dated after March 1, 2023 are eligible for the upcoming school year. Physicals before that date will not be accepted.  Concussion certificates will be transferred over.

  • Mrs. Cullen


    • Please click on the sport on the left side to get information about that specfic sport: tryouts, schedule, and coach.


    • In order to participate in an after school athletic program, all students must be cleared to participate.  All students must be cleared prior to try-outs.  


  • There are no upcoming events to display.

    • athletic registration is now ALL online!  



    • Parent information on how to register:  PDF dirctions
    You need a new physical and whole completed packet each year (except for the concussion form - take once and done).  One athletic packet covers the whole year/every sport! Physicals for the 2023-2024 school year could be from March 2023 to the current date. No paper forms will be accepted.
    Concussion Course
    Brainbook Concussion Certificate  - AIA Concussion Online Course: In compliance with ARS §15-341 (24) (SB 1521) all student athletes shall complete the Brainbook online concussion education course. This course is to be taken one time by a student athlete. Once this course is completed, the student will not need to take the course again in high school. Register My Athlete will keep their concussion certificate on file, but you might want to keep a copy yourself.
    Please make sure the certificate shows the date of brainbook completion.  This website is for HIGH SCHOOL, so when you log in, please log in as attending Mountain Ridge High School (or another high school you might attend) and select 9th grade. Once you complete the course, it may just say "completed". Please wait (or log in another time) to get the actual certificate of completion.
    Students may access the course at http://aiaacademy.org/brainbook.


    2023-2024 Participation fees:

    7th/8th grade athlete: $60 per sport

    $120 maximum per athlete

    $300 Maximum per family/household

    • It is the parent’s responsibility to keep receipts when paying for multiple family members in regards to tracking a family maximum amount being met.
    • Athletic fees are non-refundable
    • The DVUSD Athletic Fees do not guarantee playing time in competition.
    • Hardship waivers forms are available. 


    2023-2024 Admission Fees:

    Adults: $4     Championship game: $5

    Senior Citizens/Veterans: $2   Same for Championship game

    DVUSD Students: free   Championship game: $2 (10 years and younger are still FREE)

    Athletic Pass (10 Punches):   $30  Punch cards are NOT accepted at Championship Games

    Family Pass for softball, baseball, and cross country: $30 

    Parents are responsible for all transportation to and from all sports events. Parents may carpool - a consent form is part of the registration on Register My Athlete.  
  • Tax Credits to get new uniforms!!!!

    Please consider contributing your tax credit towards our athletic program.  This is our main source of funding for ALL of our athletics here at Sierra Verde.