• Curriculum

    Here is what is taught throughout the year in 4th grade.

    Math - We are guided by the Arizona State Standards when we plan math instruction.  We use a variety of materials including Investigations, and Eureka Math. The students learn math through hands on activities.  Homework each night should only take students about 15 minutes.  Students should also be working on math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Here are the concepts taught throughout the year:

    • Number and Operations - place value, mutltiplication, division, addition, and subtraction
    • Algebra - finding patterns and equality in equations
    • Geometry - attributes of shapes, area, and perimeter
    • Measurement - finding measures in the US customary system and the Metric system and finding appropriate units to measure objects
    • Data Analysis and Probability - analyzing information from data including making generalizations; finding median, mode, and range

    Reading - The reading program that we use to teach students reading is Reading Street.  Each week the students learn vocabulary, word analysis, and work on a comprehension strategy.  Students also work on a choice board each week to build the skills taught throughout the week.  Students are expected to be reading every night for 20 minutes.

    Science - Students will have a full period of science instruction daily.  Here is what is taught in science:

    • Water and Weather - Students learn the properties of water and about the water cycle.  Students then learn how the water cycle relates to weather.  Students will also learn about the instruments we use to measure weather and how to read a weather map.
    • Environmental Adaptations - Students will learn about different types of animals and how they adapt to survive in their environments.
    • Magnetism and Electricity - Students will learn the properties of magnets and electricity.  They will build circuits and understand the different types of circuits we use.
    • Earth Changes - Students will learn how the earth's surface is changed from the inside and outside.  They will learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

    Social Studies - The entire year we learn about these different aspects of Arizona.  Here is what is taught about Arizona:

    • Georgraphy - Students will learn about the regions of Arizona, and that Arizona is part of the southwest.
    • History - Students will learn about the wars that were fought in Arizona from the birth of the United States through the civil war.
    • People - Students will learn about the ancient tribes that lived in Arizona.
    • Government - Students will learn how the government is run in the United States and in Arizona.  They will liearn how bills become laws, and they will visit the State Capitol bulding.

    Writing - During 4th grade we learn to compose structured responses to literary questions, and also to compose multi-paragraph informational essays. Students learn to do research, and to refine their writing.  We use a writer's workshop format in which students have discussions with both the teacher and their peers that help them improve and revise writing pieces.