• writing pencil                     Monthly PTO Minutes
    Wednesday, August 12th
    Attendees: Crystal, Tracie, Rocio, Kirsten, Gina, Monica, Beth
    Positions elected:
      Kirsten- Treasurer
      Monica- President 
      Beth- Secretary
    -September 10th virtual 6pm-7:30pm
    Teacher Parent Support:
    -Appointments to pick up supplies at school (care packages)
    -GP Cares to post and reach out via Facebook for families who need supplies
    -Fry’s GiftCard for families in need (Facebook post in order to find out what families are in need to help)
    -Fundraising ( hold off until spring)
       Read A Thon 
      Look for orgs that do virtual fundraisers 
    -Teacher Appreciation 
      UV glasses or gp masks (care package)
    -Create a Calendar for events that happen throughout the school year 
    -PTO meetings more frequently to support parents 
    Action items:
    -Beth to provide link to virtual Bingo
    -Monica to contact Cathy Gilbert for info on families in need.