•    Here we start our American Adventure, analyzing the events leading up to The Civil War, the execrable conflict that nearly tore this nation irrevocably apart.  We then continue along to one of the greatest periods of Immigration to which our country has ever borne witness.  Industrialization comes into focus next, forwarding us along to the turn of the century and The Progressive Era as well as the age of American Imperialism.  World War I takes subsequent center stage with an in-depth examination of its causes and effects.  We then end our journey as we attend to the issues concerning The Great Depression and the inexorable drumbeat toward World War II.  Are you ready?  I know you are, so...
    Over the next two semesters together we will be exploring: 
    Unit 01 - The Pre-Civil War
    Unit 02 - The Civil War & Reconstruction
    Unit 03 - Immigration
    Unit 04 - Industrialization
    Unit 05 - The Progressive Era
    Unit 06 - American Imperialism
    Unit 07 - The Causes of World War I
    Unit 08 - World War I
    Unit 09 - The Great Depression
    Unit 10 - Introduction to World War II