•    We begin our American Adventure in the middle part of the 18th Century, around the time when our nascent nation was heading toward the throes of a great Revolution; one that eventually gave rise to a vital democracy.  We then move into an in-depth examination of the foundational document that IS that democracy, The Constitution of the United States of America.  From there, we move onto another global upheaval known as World War II and examine and scrutinize its causes and effects, and in many ways, its enduring legacy.  Then onwards to the Post-war Period of the late 1940s & 50s, analyzing our way through such longstanding episodes as The Cold War and its accompanying conflicts, as well as The Civil Rights Movement and its abiding impact on American society.  We then end our journey with an exploration of our most recent history that will ultimately bring us to our present day.  Are you ready?  I know you are, so...
    Over the next two semesters together we will be exploring: 
    Unit 01 - The American Revolution
    Unit 02 - The New Nation
    Unit 03 - The Constitution
    Unit 04 - The Rise of Totalitarianism & The Causes of World War II 
    Unit 05 - The Events of World War II
    Unit 06 - The Post-war United States
    Unit 07 - The Korean War & The 1950s
    Unit 08 - The Civil Rights Movement 
    Unit 09 - The Vietnam War & The Cold War
    Unit 10 - The Contemporary United States