• Good afternoon Terramar Task Force:

    This email is to provide a quick update on the status at Terramar Elementary School. 

    I do want to provide some clarifications since the last exchange of emails, please do not mistake this as trying to be argumentative.  There is air conditioning in the hallways.  The air conditioning is served off of the classroom units as there are not a dedicated units for just the hallways.  This was the original design of the academic building and it remains as such after we replaced the units this past summer.  In addition, we have continued to use CRS for all the remediation efforts as they were used on the previous remediation efforts.  Terracon was used to do the campus assessment and they are the ones that recommended CRS.  Also, the attached reports from Envirocheck indicate that the janitor's closet in the administration building has now passed.
    As a follow up to the underground water lines, I reviewed the construction drawings and the utilities enter the academic building at the main entrance to the building and are not run under the slab.  Based on this, I do not see that we have a leaking water line (domestic water or fire line) that would be leaking under the slab of the academic building.  Consequently, I have not contacted the City of Peoria about their fire line on our campus. 
    We have deployed temperature and humidity sensors in the first floor of the academic building.  The Art Classroom is reporting relative humidity readings of about 55% (occasionally spiking to 60%) and one of the Kindergarten Classrooms (Room 101) is reading between 50% and 51%.  A contributing factor is that the Art Classroom is all open concrete, while the Kindergarten Classroom does have some carpet.  We will get readings in other classrooms to see if the different floor configurations yield noticeably different results.  If we learn this to be the case, we can consider making changes to the floor configurations in those areas that have large uncarpeted areas.
    With the rain from Tuesday, October 6th we did have some areas in the academic building that did leak.  Most of this was around windows and we are assessing the areas that were breached and making a plan to address improving these areas of concern. 
    Thanks to Ms. Best, we were introduced to an agency that has offered to assist us to improve the Terramar campus, the Education Facilities Clearinghouse (EFC).  I have been in contact with Dr. Vic Hellman and he has requested the assistance from their subject expert, Mr. James Camp.  We are in the process of coordinating a conference call for next week.  I will keep the Task Force Updated as I find out more about the possibility of the EFC providing assistance.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.