• Information about WIN Choice Boards  

    WIN is meant to be used as extension and enrichment and for small group instruction (help with an assignment, retaking a test, etc).  The choice boards are what you will work on during WIN.  Some students will be pulled into small groups.  Those students will get credit for that on their board (in place of a choice activity).  



    When needed, you will be given a pass from a teacher for small group instruction.  You must have a pass to leave your regular WIN class and you must go to the teacher that gave you the pass.  If you want to see a teacher for small group instruction, then please talk to that teacher during your regular class (you may not leave WIN to go ask).



    Purpose:  To give YOU some choices in the extension activities that you do in WIN.  These choices are designed to help extend and enrich the curriculum but also to give you some flexibility and choice in how you do that. 
Last Modified on August 7, 2018