• Community of Character and Courage
    The Deer Valley Unified School District, with the help from the counseling department and school principals, will select students, staff, and/or community members who exemplify strong character and courage. Once chosen, those selected will be honored at a Governing Board Meeting as a Deer Valley Community of Character and Courage recognition recipient. Traits of Character and Courage include: Respect, Integrity, Caring, Trustworthiness, Perseverance, Responsibility, Good Citizenship, Positive Attitude, Gratitude, and Courage.
    List of recipients:
    Glenda Hamblen
    Glenda Hamblen - 10-27-15
    If you could personify the act of selflessness, it would be Glenda Hamblen.  Glenda is a Parent-Volunteer in the bookstore at Deer Valley High School.  But she’s more than a parent-volunteer; she is a true Skyhawk and a welcomed member of the DVHS staff.

    Dani Ahern
    Dani Ahern - 11-10-15
    Dani Ahern, an Anthem Boulder Creek High School junior cross country runner, nearly lost her life and her leg in early November last year -- the week of the state meet. After nearly dying, a 6 hour surgery and many months of physical therepy Dani ran cross country for Boulder Creek again this year.
     Samantha Romerro
    Samantha Romero - 12-8-15
    Samantha, a 2nd grader,  decides to help the homeless by collecting blankets and other donations to be distributed by the Fire Department. She made a big impact on her school community.
    Levi Folker
    Levi Folker - 02-23-16
    Deer Valley Unified School District regularly recognizes students, staff, and community members who exemplify strong character and courage. Boulder Creek High School sophomore, Levi Folker, recently exhibited the traits of Caring, Perseverance, and Good Citizenship when he turned a class project into something much bigger.
    Jaycee Herr
    Jaycee Herr - 06-28-16
    Jaycee Herr, who just finished eighth-grade, displayed courage, perseverance, and positive attitude as a member of the seventh- and eighth-grade Diamond Canyon girls basketball team. Despite being born with a weakness on one side of her body, she plays tough on the court and is a positive presence on the bench. Most importantly, Jaycee now displays the courage to wear a brace on her foot without being worried what other students will think. She is a kind, hardworking, and deserving member of the DVUSD community.