Community of Character and Courage Recognition - Glenda Hamblen




    If you could personify the act of selflessness, it would be Glenda Hamblen.  Glenda is a Parent-Volunteer in the bookstore at Deer Valley High School.  But she’s more than a parent-volunteer; she is a true Skyhawk and a welcomed member of the DVHS staff.

    Glenda’s first visit to DVHS was back in 2012; on the first day of school for her, then freshman son, Duncan.  It was also the bookstore manager’s fist day in the bookstore.

    No reflection on the bookstore manager, but it was very chaotic.  Glenda came in to get some books for Duncan, she saw how busy it was that 1st day of school, and simply asked if she could help.

    That was the beginning of her adventure.  Glenda has continued to “volunteer” in the bookstore for the last three years, and is now in her fourth year. What makes Glenda so remarkable?   Glenda has stage 4 cancer. 

    Over the last 3-plus years that Glenda has volunteered at DVHS, she has been through various types of chemotherapy.  When one “cocktail” loses its potency, a different one is started. And through all the treatments, hospitalizations, good news and not so good news, she has continued to “volunteer”.  Even in pain, Glenda goes out of her way to bring goodies and cheer to our office and our kids. Her smile through her pain is contagious.  She is a true example of grace and courage.

    Webster’s definition of “volunteer”; to give of one’s own free will. But Glenda reaches into her soul and gives, not only of her own free will, but of herself.  While battling her illness this year, Glenda fostered two students in our district who were fleeing from an abusive home. She took these boys into her home like they were her own. A truly selfless act. She is one of the most amazing and courageous woman I know. Deer Valley High School is a better place because of Glenda.