• Welcome to an exciting year ahead!  I have moved classrooms to Rm. 19.  I now have my magnetic Grammar Wall from the DVEF Impact Grant, that I won, last year, and other magnetic boards too!

    The curriculum we will cover this first month of school, comes directly from the District Scope and Sequence, which was created by Heidi Koski, our district trainer.  Heidi works directly with internationally recognized educational researcher, Kevin Clarke.  I am excited to learn from Heidi every year and to have her observe my instruction every year!

    We thoroughly use our Grammar Wall all year long, but in the first month of school, we take an in-depth analysis in the Grammar Wall, the Concept Charts, and then we begin Week One by studying Common and Proper Nouns.  We will then study Subject Pronouns with the verb "to be" in the Present Tense.  The three following weeks, we will study the Present, Past, and then the Future Progressive Verb Tenses.

    I differentiate my curriculum per grade level and within grade levels.  The Intermediate Level students in grades 3-6 will begin thematic units of study on Full Option Science System, with a study of vertebrates, invertebrates, and animal classifications, followed by Measurement, Levers and Pulleys, and Water.

    The Primary Grades (Kindergarten through 2nd Grade) will study Trees, Plants, Insects, and Animals.