Reminders for students

    • wear TENNIS SHOES ONLY (no Crocs, flip flops, sandals, boots, slippers, etc.) - students will NOT participate in PE without tennis shoes...NO EXCEPTIONS
    • bring water bottles
    • wear sunscreen, hats and/or sunglasses 

    Reminder for parents

    • If your child is hurt or sick and cannot participate in P.E., he/she will need a written note from home and/or from their doctor...NO EXCEPTIONS


    K-5 PE Expectations

    S - Stay safe

    T - Try your best

    A - Always follow the rules

    - Respect others and equipment

    S - Sportsmanship at all times


    6-8 PE Expectations

    R - Right to learn (everyone has the right to learn)

    E - Effort (always put forth your best effort)

    S - Safety (be aware of yourself, others, and equipment

    P - Purpose (pay attention to instructions and listen attentively)

    E - Enthusiasm (show a positive attitude and effort)

    C - Challenge (challenge yourself to try new things)

    T - Trust/Team building (learn to trust and cooperate with others)