Observe the problem behavior and decide if it is a minor or major behavior.




    Teacher fills out OR &

    Office Deals with Major Behaviors




    Staff Deals with Minor Behaviors


    GP Behavior Flow Chart









    Physical Contact


    Throwing items (paper etc..)

    Bullying / Harassment / Intimidation

    Dress Code

    Threat (toward other, self, property)

    Failure to Follow School Rules


    Property Misuse


    Stealing – taking property (minor) from classmates or others

    Theft – taking property (over $100) or from teacher

    Inappropriate Language

    Hate Speech (negative group affiliation)


    Endangerment (violent outburst)


    Defiance (disruptive outburst)

    Technology – Acceptable Use Policy (cell phones)


    Public Display of Affection (PDA)

    Sexual Misconduct


    Truancy / Leaving School w/o Permission

    Plagiarism / Cheating / Forgery / Lying




    Playground behaviors (yellow slip)

    Other SR&R violations





    Ø  Every month starts with a clean slate.

    Ø  Use natural consequences in the classroom to correct behavior.

    Ø  Do not send students to the office, staff member drops off office referral and the student will be called to the office.

    Ø  If you need a student removed asap, call the office and we will come and pick the student up.



















    Intervention 2

    Redirect student and re-teach expectations (record behavior and date on minor behavior tracking form, Parent notification). Assigned natural classroom consequence

    -          Reflection with Parent Signature.









    Communicate with parents.




    Enter information into Log entry, SWIS and Incident Management as applicable.





    Student conference with administration.




    Reflect and re-teach expectations.




    Consequences decided upon and given by administration.




    Communicate consequence with teacher.









    Intervention 3

    Redirect student, re-teach expectations, student reflection and recovery, parent notification (record behavior and date on minor behavior tracking form). Assigned natural classroom consequence.

    -          Team consequence





    Intervention 4

    Complete Office Referral and send to office or call for student removal (only if required). Teacher calls home to notify parent that Office Referral was completed.







    Intervention 1

     Redirect student (natural consequence as applicable)