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A Look Into The Classroom At Canyon Springs

A Look Into The Classroom at Highland Lakes




    About Bright Child:

    Deer Valley USD Gifted Services is pleased to continue to offer our full day, self-contained gifted kindergarten programs for the 2020-21 school year. Our Bright Child Kindergarten program is offered at Canyon Springs and Highland Lakes Schools. Bright Child Kindergarten is taught by an experienced, Highly Qualified, and Gifted Endorsed teacher. The program has all of our standard Deer Valley curriculum as well as supplemental gifted and advanced materials, STEM content integration (at Canyon Springs), as well as weekly world language enrichment in Spanish at both Canyon Springs & Highland Lakes, all in a smaller than average class size.


    The program is designed for children who are identified as gifted or demonstrated gifted potential according to Deer Valley's Kindergarten Gifted Talent Screener. Although not part of the Renaissance Highly Gifted Academies, it is our goal that the Bright Child Kindergarten program be an excellent foundation for students looking to apply for Renaissance or other unique gifted programs in first grade or continue on into first grade functioning at a high academic level.


     Information Nights/Tours

    Bright Child Kindergarten &
    Renaissance 2022 Spring Open House -
    Bright Child Kindergarten &
    Renaissance 2022 Spring Open House -
    Information Nights are held at each school



2020 Flyer
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    Entry Criteria

    1.  Be age 5 by August 31st
    2. Student must test at or above the 90% percentile on a state approved gifted identification test - or - Meet criteria according to DVUSD Gifted Talent Screening Assessment (More information here)



    If your child has gifted identification test scores at or above the 90% percentile on a state approved test -

    • Apply now below


    If your child does not have gifted idenitfication scores -

    • Register to have them tested with Deer Valley's Gifted Talent Screening Assessment
      • Testing takes place in the summer
      • Testing is held at Barry Goldwater High School
    • If your child passes the screening, you may then apply below




     Application Process 








  • What the parents are saying:

    "I want to take a moment to say how much my husband and I appreciate the Bright Child Kindergarten program at Highland Lakes. We have seen so much growth in Nora’s abilities over the past two months of kindergarten with Mrs. Wild. We are so excited to see how much she continues to grow over the rest of the school year. Huge kudos to Mrs. Wild for all of her efforts to help her students in transitioning to the kinder environment and for nurturing and challenging them! We appreciate all of the communication from her and DVUSD! It makes it really easy for us to be involved and help support her learning in and out of the classroom."

Heros Presentation September 2019

Bright Child Kindergarten