Local Wellness Activity and Assessment Tool Resources

  •  The Local Wellness Activity and Assessment Tool (AAT) was created to assist school districts and schools with the USDA requirement of assessing the implementation of the Local Wellness written policy.  Each school must complete the AAT annually. Results are compiled into a report, which is then posted for viewing.  Information gathered is used to determine compliance and wellness trends across the District.  The following are resources schools may find useful when completing the AAT and forumlating school wellness guidelines. 

  • Classroom Resources

  • Campus Resources

  • Recess Resources

  • Fundraising Resources

  • School Meal Programs

  • Healthy Meeting Resources

  • Staff Wellness Resources

  • Centers for Disease Control Healthy Schools

    CDC: School Health Index

    Healthier Genration

    Healthier Generation: School Assessment

     Presidential Youth Fitness Program

    PYFP: Physical Activty Resources

    Arizona Education Physical Education

    ADE: K-12 Standards: Physical Education

      enter for Science in the Public Interest

    CSPI: Healthy Meeting Resorces

    Choose My Plate

    ChooseMyPlate: Nutrition Education


    Healthier Generation: Student Wellness

    USDA School Meals

    USDA: Smart Snack Guidance

    Arizona Education School Health

    AZ Health Zone:for SNAP-Ed Schools

    Go Noodle

    Classroom Brain Breaks & Movement

    Wellness ProgramWellstyles: Workplace Wellness

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