• Newsletter for Week of August 22nd

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

    Monday- Reading: M1-C2-D4-Vocab., Context Clues, Rdg. WS/Central Idea; Writing: Spelling List #3; M1-D9 Drafting II; SS-1-07 Life in the Day of a Colony

    Tuesday- Reading: M1-C2-D5-Rdg W/S; Vocab. Greek/Latin Roots; Writing: M1 D10 Drafting III; SS: 1-08 Colonial Brochure Wednesday- Reading: M1-C2-D6 Assessment; Writing M1 D11 Revising I; SS: 1-09 Colonial Brochure II

    Thursday- Reading: M1-C3-D1 Spelling/HW Rdg. WS Captain Arsenio; Writing: M1-D12 Grammar-Compound and Complex sentences; SS-1-10 Colonial Vocabulary

    Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30) Reading: M1-C3-D2 Vocab.; Reference Materials, Rdg. WS-Plot; Writing M1-D13 Revising II Varying sentence types; SS- Unit 2-01 British and French Tensions


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  • Newsletter for August 15th

    In Class Assignments in ELA/SS for the week

    Monday- Reading M1-C1-D6-Day 6 Assessment; Writing: M1-D6 Preparing the Draft; Social Studies: Unit 1- Lesson 2 New England Colonies

    Tuesday- Reading: M1-C2-D1 Spelling/Handwriting; Reading Workshop-Monitor/Clarify; Writing: M1-D7 Beginning the Draft;

    SS-1-3 Middle Colonies

    Wednesday- Reading: M1-C2-D2 Vocabulary Strategy, Reading Workshop-Cause and Effect; Writing: M1-D8 Drafting II-Using Organizational Strategies; SS- 1-04 Southern Colonies

    Thursday- Reading M1-C2-D3 Reading Workshop with Vocabulary; Writing: M1-D9 Drafting II Continued; SS-1-05 Colonial Government

    Friday- (Early Release Day 1:30)

    Reading: M1-C2-D4 Vocabulary-Context Clue; Reading Workshop-Central Idea; Writing: M1-D10 Drafting III Completing the Draft; Spelling Test; SS: 1-06 Colonial Economy

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  • Meet the Teacher Night Info.

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  • 5th Grade Supply List

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  • First Week of School!!

    Looking forward to a successful year with wonderful students and parents. 

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