Welcome Students and Parents!
    As a special education teacher, I will provide special education services in both the general education and special education classroom setting. I look forward to working together with parents in order to build rapport and create a learning environment that will benefit your child's individual needs and goals. It is imperative to me that we work as a team and mutally collaborate with each other to help reach your child's individual goals. 
    Learning from my students and listening to their stories is a special part of my day. I stronly believe in encouraging students to believe they are capable of achieving success and academic growth. When we help build and nurture a child's sef-esteem, it can have a great impact on their performace at school. It makes such an impact on their personalities, class work and social skills when they begin to feel more confident about speaking up, sharing ideas in classroom discussions and know that they are not alone. 
    At the end of the school day, I strive to provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all students and help them understand that I'm here for them.  
    I.D's will be checked for lunchtime visitors. If parents are sending grandparents or other family members to have lunch with their students, they must be added to their student pick-up list.