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    We can't believe it is May and school is almost over. What an amazing year this has been full of many beautiful moments, learning experiences, but most importantly, freedom of expression. It has been such an incredible journey watching the children grow. We love them and will miss them so much, but we know the excitement of transitioning to kindergarten and the new adventures coming their way. Thanks for entrusting your children to us and for allowing us to work alongside the children in a rich, hands-on environment where they can learn and have fun.  

    Gray Folders

    Every Thursday we will be sending home a gray folder with your child's work, flyers, important information, etc. Please make sure to check your child's backpack and don't forget to send the folders back promptly the next day.  

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    We can't believe the year is ending and our children are moving to Kindergarten. We are going to miss them! During the summer, we encourage parents to play with their children with purpose, to keep reading to them, to use the library as a great resource, to have fun, and to always remember to let the children be free to express themselves, to be curious, and to let their creativity blossom. Have a safe summer!


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