Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Marjorie

I was born in Puerto Rico, a beautiful tropical island surrounded by water. The ocean was five minutes away from my house. I love eating plantains, avocados, guava, and coconuts and the ocean is home. I love the sounds of water, but my favorite is the sound of the ocean. I have a bachelor's degree in Industrial Management from the University of Puerto Rico.

I'm married to the love of my life, Langue. I have two boys, Adrian and Nathaniel. They are everything to me. When they were born, I discovered the true meaning of love. They are the reasons that I started my interest in Early Childhood Education. In May 2017, I finished my certificate of completion in Early Childhood Education. In January 2018, I completed the CDA credentials in early childhood education, and in December 2021, the Associates in Early Childhood Education. Because of them, I wanted to have a better understanding of child development and how to enhance and expand their learning. 

I have taught both my boys Spanish, which is my native language and which I'm proud of. I love the Legend Springs Community where both my children went to school. I'm always a present and active participant in my children's education and, for that reason, I volunteered, and was a homeroom mom for many years. I have worked at Legend Springs for 11 years and this will be my 8th year at Pre-K. I also teach private Spanish Classes, so your children will get the benefit of learning some Spanish with me.

In my spare time, I work for PVCC as an FTF Pedagogical Coordinator as well as taking classes to expand my knowledge of ECE. I enjoy reading, writing, designing, photography, traveling, yoga, the arts, painting, drawing, riding my bike, being outdoors, and nature. Spending time with my family is my favorite thing to do! I am a collector of experiences and a believer that every child is unique, capable, with special talents and rights. I understand the importance of play in  learning, as well as the capabilities of children. If I can find their special talents, and can use that to inspire them, open their minds, ignite their creativity, touch their hearts, and shape their future, then I have done my work. I am excited about getting to meet your child this year!