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    Children must have proof of all required immunizations, or a valid exemption, in order to attend school in Arizona.  Please remember that students need two extra immunizations if they are 11 and entering the 6th grade.  These are the Tdap and MV shots.
    What parents should know about vaccines:

    Arizona Immunization Requirements

    Why vaccinate?

    CDC Immunization Schedule Now Available on iTunes

    Disease Prevention/Immunizations:  Written proof of compliance with immunization requirements is a part of the registration process in Arizona Schools.  State and Federal Law mandates that school-age children be immunized to prevent certain diseases.  If you are unsure of the requirements for Immunization, see your doctor, visit the School Health Center or call the Maricopa County Health Dept. at (602)-506-6767 or (602)-263-8856 for locations of clinics and hours of operation.  Immunizations are free of charge for children under the age of 18.

    The law allows exemptions for medical or personal reasons, religious exemption is for Preschool and daycare only.  Homeless students have a 5-day grace period.