• Community of Character and Courage - Levi Folker



    Deer Valley Unified School District regularly recognizes students, staff, and community members who exemplify strong character and courage. Boulder Creek High School sophomore, Levi Folker, recently exhibited the traits of Caring, Perseverance, and Good Citizenship when he turned a class project into something much bigger.During Levi’s health class last year, he had an assignment to find a not for profit organization that supported health/mental health and research it then create a booth for the health fair at BCHS. Levi decided that he would work with an organization called Defending the Blue Line (DTBL). This organization provides hockey equipment, hockey camp scholarships and even hockey league scholarships for military family kids and tickets to pro hockey games for military families. He had a booth at the fair and raised only five dollars, which did not make him happy. Since Levi is a hockey player at the Ice Den, he talked to the director of hockey and organized an equipment drive last November. He collected such a large amount of equipment at this drive, that his parents could no longer park in their two car garage. Levi reached out to PayNShip who paid for the shipping of the equipment back to Minnesota. At the drive, at the Ice Den, Levi met Matthew Blades who is a local radio DJ and back then was the voice of the Coyotes. He introduced Levi to the director of marketing at the Coyotes. At the time, the Coyotes foundation had already given out all their grants, but DTBL was able to be the recipient of the proceeds for the 50/50 raffle at the Coyotes game. That raffle raised $7,000 for the organization. Levi is the reason why the DTBL is able to receive the money from the Coyotes because of the connection that he organized last year. Congratulations to Community of Character and Courage honoree, Levi Folker.