Before and After School Care Programs

  • Before & After School Care Programs

    Registration for the 2017-18 School year is now open.  


    All registrations received for the following locations are being wait-listed until additional space and/or staffing is secured:

    • Anthem
    • Canyon Springs
    • Las Brisas
    • Norterra Canyon
    • Sonoran Foothills
    • Sunset Ridge

    If you choose to submit a registration, you will automatically be placed on the waiting list and you will be contacted upon the site re-opening. 


    Our programs provide a safe, on-site, enriching environment for students before and after their regularly scheduled school day by incorporating activities indoors and out, as well as homework assistance, tutoring and organized play.  Before & After Care is available to students age 5-14 in grades K-8; students must attend school at the site where the program is offered.  Early entry kindergarten students are eligible for this program once they have reached their 5th birthday.

    6:30 a.m. until start of school
    School release until 6:00 p.m., including early release days
    Monday through Friday, excluding school holidays

    NOTE:  For safety reasons, some schools may close and lock their gates in the morning at a certain time.  You may still have access to sign your child(ren) into the program, however, you will need to enter through the school office once the gate locks.  Please check with your site staff for gate closure times.   


    Due to the high volume of registrations we receive, we strongly encourage early registration.  Please do so by July 30th to ensure attendance by the beginning of the school year.  Registrations received after that date may be subject to a delayed start.  Some sites may reach capacity and new registrants will be placed on a waiting list.
    Registration for 2017-18 is now open at Eleyo/FeePay.  To register, first set up a FeePay profile.  A new registration is required each school year; of you are returning, you will use the same family profile. 
    There is an annual per family registration fee that is collected at the time of approval.  We encourage early registration -- and offer an incentive to do so -- to avoid delays in processing your approval and/or being put on a waiting list.  Early registration helps us to plan more efficiently. \
    • 2017-18 School Year
      • $20 during March and April
      • $30 during May
      • $60 in June through the remainder of the 2017-18 school year
     Rates Per Child
    Morning & Afternoon care (3 day per week minimum)
    with a consistent plan, and sessions are on the same days, i.e. Monday AM&PM, Tuesday AM&PM, etc.
    $13.50 per day
    • 10% multi-child discount on additional children
    • 10% DVUSD employee discount (taken on all children; multi-child will not apply)
    • 10% Pay in full discount when a consistent plan is chosen
      • due at registration, call your account representative (see below) to have this applied
      • not available on new registrations after November 30
    Morning care only (3 day per week minimum, must choose days in advance.  Once confirmed, changing or adding days may be subject to additional fees; credit not given for days reserved but not used.)
     $5 per day;
    $15 per week minimum
    Afternoon care only (3 day per week minimum, must choose days in advance.  Once confirmed, changing or adding days may be subject to additional fees; credit not given for days reserved but not used.)
     $9.00 per day;
    $27 per week minimum
    Additional days on any of the above plans after schedule is accepted/approved.  For example, if you have 3 afternoons per week and add a morning, the rate will be $10 ($5 for morning plus $5 additional daily rate). 
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are on a Pick Your Days plan and add days in a week that you do not have scheduled, you will be charged the $25 Drop In rate. 
    $5.00 in addition to normal daily rate; i.e. $10 for morning, $14 for afternoon, $18.50 for consistent AM/PM.
    $25 per day on Pick Your Days plan if other days not scheduled for that week in advance 
     Drop In care $25.00 per day
    •  May not be discounted
    You have three plan options to choose from when registering online:
    • Consistent plan is for the same days every week for the entire school year, whether 3, 4, or 5 days per week.  Mornings and afternoons must all be the same days to qualify the $13.50 daily AM/PM rate; if the reserved days are not the same, you will be charged the morning rate of $5 per day and the afternoon rate of $9 per day.  Additional days will be at the rate of $10 for mornings, $14 for afternoons, or $18.50 for morning and afternoon.  This plan is designed for those families with a consistent schedule that remains the same every week.
    • Pick Your Days plan is for 3, 4, or 5 days per week.  The days may vary, and you choose which weeks you will use. You may reserve for as few or as many weeks at a time as you wish.  They do not have to be consecutive weeks.  A calendar will open up for you to choose.  You may reserve additional weeks throughout the year if you are uncertain of which weeks you need.  PLEASE NOTE that on this plan, any days that are added after the first of the month will be charged as additional days and/or be subject to a change fee.  In addition, if days are added to a week you do not have scheduled, you will be charged the Daily Drop In rate.  This plan is designed for families who have fluctuating schedules that may change from week-to-week.
    • Daily Drop In is for occasional days when you need care but you are not on a regular plan.  No discounts available.

    Invoices will be generated around the 25th of each month for a due date of the 1st of the upcoming month.  Once invoices are generated your dates are locked in and you will need to email your account representative (see below) to modify your schedule.


    Please note that choosing a consistent schedule, or a pick your days schedule for the entire school year, will guarantee your child’s placement in a program. While we do not anticipate this to be a problem, a school may reach capacity at various times throughout the year which may prevent some days from being available for less frequent pick your days or drop in schedules. 

    Important:  You are not confirmed until you receive the approval email
    • The first time you register for the year, you must provide a copy of each child's current immunizations to the DVUSD District Office.  If it is not already on file with Community Education, you may:
      • Please indicate your child's school name when faxing or emailing
      • All copies must be legible
      • Only physician office copies are acceptable by AZ Department of Health Services (DHS); please do not ask you school nurse for a copy, as these are not approved for DHS
      • NOTE that students entering kindergarten and 6th grade must provide updated immunizations
      • Bring or mail it to DVUSD Community Education, 20402 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85027 (M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
      • Email it to your Account Representative (see blue box below)
      • Fax it to 623-445-5092 
    • Your registration will be reviewed, and if all information and documentation is in order, it will be approved and your registration fee will be charged
    • Next, your child's Emergency Information and Immunizations Record will be forwarded to your child's Lead Instructor at the Before & After site you chose where you MUST SIGN the form before your child may attend
    • If you choose the Pick Your Days or Daily Drop In plan, each additional registration throughout the school year must be approved before your child may attend
    • Every registration will generate two separate emails
      • The first email confirms the dates you requested
      • The second email approves this registration and this is required to attend.  There are situations when your registration may not be approved
    • Your Account Representative will contact you if there is missing or incorrect information, or if your payment does not go through.  You will have 3 business days to respond and correct the situation or your contract will not be approved and will be deleted from pending status.  This will require you to re-submit your contract and it will be subject to the current registration fee.   Your child can not attend without an approved contract. 


     How to register online:

    1. Go to Eleyo/FeePay
    2. Set up an account with FeePay.  Refer to the Setting Up Your Family Profile instructions for help
    3. Once you have an account, add "Your Family" members
    4. Register for the Before & After Care location of your choice (opens 4/27/16 at 6:00 a.m.).  Use the Registration Instructions available here.  An email confirmation will be sent showing the dates you requested
    5. Provide a current copy of each child's immunization (see above) to Community Education at the DVUSD District Office
    6. Wait for the second email confirmation that District Office staff has approved your registration and successfully processed your payment
    7. Sign each child's Emergency Information form at the Before & After site that your child will attend 
    8. Your child is confirmed only after completion of the above steps

    For more information, please contact you Account Representative below

     Before & After Care Site
     Account Representative
    • Canyon Springs (after care only)
    • Diamond Canyon
    • Greenbrier
    • Highland Lakes
    • Las Brisas
    • Mirage
    • Mountain Shadows
    • Stetson Hills
    Cindy Edwards
    • Anthem
    • Arrowhead
    • Desert Mountain
    • Norterra Canyon
    • Paseo Hills
    • Sierra Verde
    • Sunrise
    Beth Harvill
    • Copper Creek
    • Desert Sage
    • Legend Springs
    • Park Meadows
    • Sonoran Foothills
    • Sunset Ridge
    • Terramar
    • West Wing
    Teri Thorley
    Payment Options
    You will receive a monthly invoice which will be emailed around the 25th of each month.  Payments are due the first of each month and can be paid online at  All automatic payment plans will process on the first at approximately 4:00 a.m.  Late payment fees will automatically be assessed during the month for any balance that is five (5) days or more past due.   The amount of your monthly invoice will vary depending on how many days you reserved for the month ahead.
    Parent Handbook
    For more detailed program information, please download our
    Before& After School Care Locations and Contacts


    Sonoran Foothills
    Anthem Rockets Jessica Walsh 602-501-3319
    Arrowhead Panther's Pride Patricia Herman 623-687-6724
    Canyon Springs After School Care Wolves
    Tonya Yates
    Copper Creek Bobcat Den Seana Martinka 602-376-3994 or 602-573-9370
    Desert Mountain Blackhawks Megan Dobbins 623-687-1237
    Desert Sage Gecko Corral Shawn Chavez 623-445-4797 or 602-819-8409
    Diamond Canyon Coyote Corner Cheryl Warren 623-445-8077 or 623-262-1015
    Greenbrier Sidewinders Paola Graciano-Gomez 623-606-8303
    Highland Lakes Bears Den Vivian Bauer 623-256-1816
    Las Brisas All Star Club Diane Bushu 623-445-5572 or 623-399-0350
    Legend Springs Leopards Kim Arlienne 602-501-2871
    Mirage  Roadrunners   Becki Brown 602-499-5819
    Mountain Shadows Coyote Clubhouse Sherry Thackston 623-445-4331 or 623-262-2465
    Norterra Canyon Pirate's Cove Lisa Wood 623-271-3980
    Park Meadows Stinger’s Activity Club Debbie Craig 623-445-4184 or 623-262-1406
    Paseo Hills Rattler’s Den Pattie Eardley 623-445-4579 or 623-262-3632
    Sierra Verde Champions Tina White 602-501-3919
    Sonoran Foothills Bobcats Jennifer Martino 623-692-7507
    Stetson Hills Stallion's Stable Nancy Basham 623-445-5386 or 480-268-1020
    Sunrise Lion’s Den Whitney Davis 602-467-6010 or 623-293-1341
    Sunset Ridge Hawks Chad Schleicher 623-687-1201
    Terramar Titans Teresa Lipson 623-262-1504
    West Wing Mustangs Linda Pepe 602-501-2073
    Community Education is located at the DVUSD District Office, 20402 N. 15th Avenue, Phoenix, 85027.  We are open 12 months a year.
    • School days we are open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
    • During June and July we are open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
     *All sites are subject to minimum and maximum enrollment.