BEHAVIOR:  Desert Mountain has implemented a school wide behavior plan.  All teachers are using the same rules and vocabulary.  Expectations are posted throughout the school.   This plan will be reviewed with students the first day of school.  This is a positive behavior system in which students are recognized for their good behavior.   The elements of the program stand for H.A.W.K.  The breakdown of expectations looks like this:

                HONORABLE:                  (*Take care of property *Be prepared *Be on time *Be honest)

                ACCOUNTABLE:              (*Keep hands, feet, and objects to self *Raise hand to share ideas
                                                           *Complete work on time)

                WILLING ATTITUDE:       (*Be where you are supposed to  *Stay on task *Use an inside voice)

                KIND:                                (*Use positive words and actions *Listen to all instructions and ideas
                                                            *Support each other)      


    If students are not showing HAWK behavior then they will receive a verbal warning, if it continues they are given a reflection form to fill out to reflect on their behavior. After every reflection form a phone call or email will be sent home along with a copy of the reflection form to inform you of the behavior. If students receive 3 reflection forms ( 3 minors) then they will be given a lunch detention by the classroom teacher ( 1 Major). They will serve that lunch detention in one of the kindergarten classrooms as they are our buddies for lunch detentions. In the past the minors would be erased each quarter and they would start fresh. THIS YEAR THEY WILL NOT START OVER EACH QUARTER. IN THE AGENDA YOU WILL FIND A BEHAVIOR MATRIX THAT EXPLAINS THE STEPS AFTER EVERY 3 MINORS. Those students who are showing HAWK behavior will also be rewarded by receiving HAWK cards and a variety of other positive rewards.
    Fourth Grade also has what we refer to as "Lunch Bunch". If a student has missing assignments or redo work they will come to one of the 4th grade classrooms after eating their lunch. As soon as the work is finished they can continue on to recess.