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    Kassey Frazier 
    Normally when thinking about a store you think about the mall or outlets. But Mountain Ridge High School is one of many schools in the state of Arizona who have their own school store.
    Debbie Moore the Career and Technical Education teacher at Mountain Ridge is in charge of the student store. She holds many other positions at the school but she is also best known as the DECA Advisor for the Lions.
    The school store is opened before the school bell rings and after school. Also during both lunch breaks so that students have a chance to take a look around.
    Moore commented on how the store runs, “Students run the store on a rotational basis under the direction of an adult,” Moore said. “All students in all the marketing classes must work two times a semester.”
    Moore went on to say, “They get a career readiness and workplace skills grade for their promptness and productivity while working.”
    Alexia Rusi who is a senior at Mountain Ridge says what she likes most about running the store, “Even though I’ve worked there for years we’ve just started making cookies in the store,” Rusi said. “When they’re baking the entire store fills with the smell and it’s like going to my happy place.”
    But it hasn’t always been about the cookies.
    Rusi said, “Before that started, I loved being able to help support DECA and meet new people through working.”
    The students who run the store are allowed to operate the register on the job to get a feel of what it is like to have a business.
    A big question is where does the money go that the store generates?
    Moore says, “At MRHS students earn credits towards DECA competition fees when they work,” Moore said. “It also has to cover inventory costs and any equipment purchases or repairs.”
    There have been some obstacles that challenged the store over the past few years it has been opened.
    The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 is trying to improve kids health and the nutritional quality of foods sold in the schools.
    Starting July 1st, 2014 all the food items sold within schools during the day have to adhere to the USDA nutrition guidelines.
    This placed a limit on the calories, fat and sodium count on some of the stores best sellers.
    “The food laws that have restricted what we can sell has severely affected our business,” Rusi said. “We’ve lost money because we have to follow the nutrition guidelines.”
    Rusi went on to say, “My freshman year the store was able to sell candy and make a lot more to support DECA.”
    Whether you are a student athlete at Mountain Ridge or not if you take the marketing or advanced marketing class with Mrs. Moore you will have to work the store for a grade.
    Rusi explains why this is a great class to take if you are thinking about one day running your own business.
    “Marketing is a tool that can be placed into any and all subjects,” Rusi said. “Every single career needs to be marketed. Even you as a person has a brand. People need to know how to represent themselves.”
    If looking to gain more confidence in the business world start somewhere small like the students at Mountain Ridge.

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