• Classroom Procedures and Expectations

    1.  Beginning the hour -You are to come directly into class.  Do not linger in the hallway. You will have 5 minutes to complete Bell Work in your ISNs.
    2. Supplies –All students are expected to bring a 3-subject notebook, a blue, black and red pen, a pencil, a highlighter and a glue stick/tape every day.  There are supplies available in the Supply Cabinets if needed.  All borrowed supplies must be returned to the Supply Cabinets before the end of class.
    3.  Seating -Seating is assigned by the teacher.  It is changed every quarter or as needed for individual students.
    4.  Textbooks -Classroom textbooks are to be used in class only.  The textbook can be accessed on the internet (Instructions are on my website).
    5.  ISNs -You are to keep an Interactive Student Notebook (ISN) just for Social Studies. You must bring it with you every day. I will check ISNs every several weeks for a test grade.

    6. Missing Work- All missing assignments are recorded as 0%. Students will have the same number of days they missed to complete the work for full credit during their absence.

    1. Late Work- Any late work will have a deduction of 40% from the original grade.

    8.Retakes: Students may retake a test that is below a 70% and only after

    1. Corrections have been made to the test.

    2. All assignments have been completed.  Retakes must be done within two weeks of the original test.  

    1.  Restroom – Students may use the restroom, with teacher permission. Sign out on the clipboard by the door, and sign back in when you return. Only one student at a time is allowed to use the restroom.
    2.  Cell phone policy: Cell phone use is not allowed in class except for academic purposes with the permission of the teacher.

    A 4 step system will be utilized to support student success:

    Step 1:  Warning  

    Step 2:  Time-out within the classroom, hallway, or another classroom. Alternatively, they may get busy work which will count towards their grade for the day

    Step 3:  Time-out in ISS

    Step 4:  Lunch and/or after school detention, parents notified

            These consequences are only a guideline. Necessary actions will be taken as a situation warrants ensuring an environment for optimal learning for everyone. Depending on the severity and frequency of the incident some steps may be skipped.

    1. Ending the hour -You are dismissed from your seats when your area is cleaned and the teacher indicates that you are dismissed. You may not get up before the bell and may not wait by the door.


       Struggling?  Tutoring will be available on Thursdays from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm