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  • What to Expect...

    No student has the right to interfere with the learning, safety, teaching, and well being of others.
    Practicing Respect
    • Raising your hand
    • Listen for directions
    • Talk to others politely and acknowledge when you are spoken to
    • Make sure when your teacher is talking that you are not talking 
    Accepting Responsibility 
    • Be seated in the correct area
    • Turn in your complete work into the tray
    • Be prepared for school everyday
    • Take ownership for your actions 
    Working Together
    • Listen to others' ideas and comments
    • Value everyone's ideas and opinions even if they differ from your own
    • Working together we achieve greatness
    • Be an active participant in group activities and discussions
    Safety Matters
    •  Keep personal items off the floor
    • Your desk and folders are neat and papers are put away
    • Walk in the classroom
    • Make sure all food, gum, and drinks are left outside

    Accepting Responsibility

    • Complete all classwork on time
    • Complete all homework on time 
    • Regularly use problem solving strategies
    • Always do your best


    Classroom Expectations

    Every day when the students walk into class they need to sit in their assigned seats with their materials out and all non-related materials put away and abide by the following classroom procedures:


    Arrival Procedure:

    1. Students will enter the room in a quiet, orderly manner and place their cell phones inside the cellphone pocket in the front of the class.
    2. Students will gather their homework and place it inside the homework basket.
    3. Students will remove all materials needed for the class from their backpacks and place their backpacks under the tables.
    4. Students will quietly write down the assignments for the day in their planners. Homework will be posted on the white board for students to copy down.
    5. After our class meeting, the class will move onto that days work.
    6. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions, review of assignments, brainstorming, etc. - Positive participation may allow a student to earn back lost privileges or rewards.
    7. Students MUST raise their hands to be called upon.
    8. Unless permission is given by teacher, students may not leave their seats or change seats. Students MUST remain in their seats until the end of class/instruction and when dismissed by the teacher. Students are only permitted to leave their seats when given permission/ during silent work time to sharpen pencils.
    9. All class work must be completed independently unless otherwise stated by the instructor- copying is not allowed (see plagiarism) and any students involved will receive a zero for that assignment and possibly face further disciplinary action.


    Classroom Procedures

    1. Entering the classroom in the morning:
      • Drop homework off in the homework basket.
      • Grab breakfast for the day and mark your name off the breakfast list (1st period only).
      • Listen to announcements while eating, we only have  minutes from entering the room to leaving for PE, Art or Music


    1. Dismissal at the end of the period:
    • Clean up your work area, put table supplies away
    • Even if you hear a bell, stay in your seat until you are dismissed by the teacher.
    • Make sure your chair is pushed in or stacked on designated days.
    • Upon teacher instruction, line up in the designated area quickly and quietly.


    1. Walking in the Hallways

    Students are required to walk through the hallways in a respectful manner that is both safe and efficient. Students will:

    • Line up in single-file FLASH lines near the classroom door on the carpet, as directed by the teacher. FLASH stands for Face forward, Lips Sealed, Attention in front, Spine straight, and Hands to yourself.
    • Face forward in line
    • Walk silently on the left side of the hallway to the destination
    • Keep hands and feet to themselves
    • Secure all books and/or supplies in hands in front of you, if you have no supplies with you, then put your hands behind your back.






    1. Finding work after being absent:
    • All work will be placed in the daily bin. Find the bin with the day that you missed and retrieve your work from the bin.
    • If you miss Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday then have until Friday to complete your missing work. If you miss on Thursday or Friday then you will have until Monday to complete your missing work.


    1. Passing in papers
    • Pass papers to the designated person in your row/ group
    • Student helper will pick up and turn in papers into the correct bin labeled with your class period


    1. Talking Procedure:

    It  is okay to talk:

     If I raise my hand and the teacher calls on me.

    If we are having small group discussion to complete a problem/activity

    If we are in centers and I am on task in my assigned center

    If talking is necessary to complete my assignment.

     If it is free time and I have completed my assignments.


    But I know that I must not talk:
    1. When another person in the room has the floor.
    2. When a student is asking or answering a question.
    3. When the teacher has instructed the class to be quiet.



    1. Partner/Group Work
    2. Talk in quiet voices.
    3. Put all the names of the members of the group on any paper for the assignment.
    4. Do your job in the group. Everyone should have a responsibility.
    5. Be prepared to report. Any student within the team may be picked to share results.




    1. Computer Use Policy
    2. Students will log in using their own username and password
    3. Students will follow accepted use policy
    4. Students will remain on task and be on appropriate websites
    5. Students will clean their computers before putting them away in their correct spot
    6. Students must report any damages to computers immediately

    ***Student use of school computers, networks and Internet services is a privilege, not a right.  Compliance with the school unit’s policies and rules concerning computer use is mandatory. Students who violate these policies and rules may have their computer privileges limited, suspended, or revoked.  Such violations may also result in disciplinary action and referral to the principal.


     Making poor choices

    1st time – Verbal warning
    2nd time – Conference with student
    3rd time – Parent contact (phone, e-mail, or card sent home)
    4th time – Office Referral which may lead to Parent/Student/Dean/Teacher conference


    ***If your behavior is highly disruptive, disrespectful, or dangerous you will be removed

    from the classroom immediately.