• Information for School Groups about the Social Media Directory

    DVUSD has created a social media directory on our website. To obtain a free listing, all you have to do is complete a short survey… click here for our easy online entry form!


    On the survey, you will be asked to provide contact information for two group representatives. We will not share that information publicly.

    We will share links to your website and social media sites on the Social Media directory. We will also share your website, social media sites, and good news on the DVUSD social media channels. In addition, we will help monitor your sites… if we see something that seems odd… or worst case scenario, you’ve been hacked, we will contact your organization's representatives that you listed on the survey form.

    We will share and retweet your good news whenever we can!

    To increase your chances of being retweeted and shared:
    Tag @DVUSD on Twitter
    Make a visitor post on the DVUSD Facebook page!