Students helping in the school library make such a difference in our school for all students, parents and staff members who visit the library. 
    Student Library Volunteer jobs have typically been highly sought after. As such, volunteers must, and do, take their responsibilities very seriously and provide assistance in the Stetson Hills Media Center in the following ways:Library Book Cart  
    • Shelf fiction books
    • Shelf non-fiction books
    • Read shelves (organizing books in order and straightening)
    • Clean and dust shelves, counters and tables
    • Cover and repair books
    • Select and display books for Kindergarten Library Centers and special holidays or events
    • Help students find books during Book Fairs and library visits
    • Bulletin Boards: Help create, take down or set up
    Only those students in grades 5 through 8 who have received library volunteer training are eligible to volunteer in the Media Center. Students interested in becoming a Library Volunteer must complete a Student Library Volunteer Application.
    Student Applicants must also review the PowerPoint Presentation, Finding Books in the LMC, and then answer the questions in the Student Library Volunteer Review to verify their understanding of library organization, and student volunteer responsibilities and expectations. Students should submit both the completed application and review forms to the Library Clerk for further consideration.  
    Applications are accepted the first three weeks of school, with interviews arranged upon review of all applications and reviews submitted. Please note: Previous volunteers and new applicants may be asked to interview and attend training sessions before or after school, depending upon availability of both student and library clerk.
    ADDITIONAL NOTE: Students who were previously trained and "hired" to work in the library must re-apply each year to indicate their interest in volunteering again.
    Student Volunteers have the option of completing a time sheet tracking the number of minutes worked for a variety of possible tasks.  These time sheets are very useful when students need to submit community service hours as a club requirement at the end of the school year.
    Students can ask to be placed on a "work" schedule, reserving their "spot" during lunch recess or RTI free time one or two days per week. However, students are ALWAYS reminded that school work comes first, and that social time with friends at school is important. They are not to come to the library every day expecting to "work". Fridays are reserved for cleaning and organizing by any students who are available to do so. 
    Stack of Books Thank you for your interest our Student Library Volunteer Program.
          Library Cart and Library Floor Plan Review:  Library Organization Review  
          Student Volunteer Time Card Form:  Student Volunteer Monthly Time Cards