• Behavior Expectations

    Mr. Kullos, Algebra and Geometry

    My Expectations:

    Students will….

    • Be on time
    • Show respect and cooperation towards fellow classmates and teacher
    • Remain silent while the teacher is talking unless called upon for a response  
    • Follow directions to the best of their abilities
    • Do all assigned homework
    • Leave cellphones in backpack or pockets unless I have given specific permission to have it out
    • Respect the teachers chosen discipline action

    Your Expectations:

    Mr Kullos will….

    • Be on time
    • Respect all students
    • Motivate, motivate, motivate!
    • Know the content inside and out
    • Provide the appropriate consequence for an infraction of an expectation

    Negative Repercussions:

    • Warning, which may be verbal, non-verbal, or written
    • Cell phone placed in teacher’s desk for the remainder of the class
    • Removed from class, set aside or sent to office
    • Student teacher conference after school
    • Email/Phone call to guardians
    • Conference with parents/guardians, administrators, counselors

    Positive Repercussions:

    • We get to learn more!
    • More class work time---------> Less homework
    • Time for remediation