• Hello Parents and Guardians! 
    Firstly, I'd like you to know that we are as paper-free as possible in my classes. Canvas, our online school system, is where students will access their daily resources and submit most of their work. However, do not let this fool you (or your student) into thinking that the course itself is an online curriculum. Rather, Canvas and the use of iPads just enhances our class and what we are able to do in it. Students need to be consistently present in class in order to be successful in mastering the course content and required skills.
    That said, Canvas is a user friendly system and it's easy to follow along once you get the hang of it. The first thing I'd ask is to have your student show you what our course looks like on Canvas and to walk you through it themselves. If your student can explain it on their own then they know what they are doing! 
    I've also compiled a PDF with screenshots to explain how you can successfully support your student and effectively utilize Canvas on your own.

    Parent Canvas Guide