• Canvas & iPad Student FAQ's

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    Q 1: Are we expected to complete ALL of our work on our iPads?

    A: For the most part, yes! We will do paper-based activities in class as needed and you’re encouraged to take notes on paper during lectures BUT your daily bellwork and lesson reflections will be on your iPad. Our world is becoming more technologically integrated and the use of iPads and other small electronics will only become more prevalent as time goes on. Not only are you reducing paper waste but also are truly training yourself for the future.


    Q 2: But I forgot my iPad today OR my iPad isn’t charged. What is expected of me now?

    A: Firstly, I would set reminder alarms in your iPad to remind yourself to charge it nightly and to bring it every day. Secondly, you are NOT excused from working! You will complete your work on paper so make sure to ALWAYS have some on hand! Once you get your iPad, you will take a picture of your work and put it in the appropriate e-folder so that you have it as a reference.


    Q 3: What apps do you recommend using for our normal in-class work?

    A: I recommend Notability which is purchased by the school for you! This app is very user friendly and allows you to file your work into folders, making it easy to stay organized.

    See this blog on how to enhance your classroom iPad experience with Notability!

    You should also have Remind, a scanning app (I recommend Tiny Scanner but I hear good things about Scan Bot), a QR code reader like i-nigma, Google apps


    Q 4: But I hate typing! Isn’t there another way?

    A: YES! All students need to have a stylus for physically writing on your iPad screen. You can find these almost anywhere for under $1. You are also welcome to use a keyboard if you have one.


    Q 5: How do I submit my work that I completed on my iPad? 

    A: Follow these steps:

    1. Through your app (Notability in most cases), you will hit the upload button in the task bar (its location depends on which app you’re using). The upload button is an arrow that either points up or to the right.
    2. You will then have an option for a destination to send the file. Choose Canvas.
    3. Then in Canvas, go back into the same assignment, choose “Submit Assignment,” and then select the work you had previously uploaded from your app.
    4. Then click the arrow/upload button at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Your last step will ALWAYS be to verify your submission. YOU are responsible for getting your work in on time, I will never accept the excuse of “But I thought I turned it in!” Do this by going back into the assignment, click the Submission tab and if you did turn it in, you will see a PDF file there.


    Q 6: Do you have any other tips and tricks?

    A: My biggest piece of advice is UTILIZE YOUR REMINDER AND CALENDAR APPS! Program in your homework, test dates, etc. also STRONGLY encourage your to communicate with me through Remind. I have it on my phone so you can ask questions when they come up about homework, etc. and I’ll get back to you much faster than email (although I will eventually respond via email as well).

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